Evilizers – Solar Quake

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EVILIZERSReviewed: April 2021
Released: 2021, Punishment 18 Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Andrea Di Stasio

Three years after their first album “Center of the Grave”, Evilizers are back with “Solar Quake”: the band, born as a Judas Priest tribute and then evolved into an original project, presents itself very well with the striking artwork created by the joint effort of Mattia Nidini (Sabotage, Manilla Road, Frozen Tears) and Valeria Aina.

The title track is a good tune, where Giulio Murgia and his tights drums work very well with the guitars, delivering a classic heavy metal tune that can’t disappoint: in this specific instance, the rhythmic section does an excellent job, supporting the vocals and creating a deep, powerful sound.

The main vocals work well, especially on the higher notes, while I have found some of the backing ones a bit distracting. On the second track, “U.T.B”, the situation flips: the growl expands the sound of the song, while the main vocals seem are less convincing on the lower notes: I wish that Fabio Attacco would have focused on the higher section of his voice, where I think he gives his best.

I’m not quite sure about “Call of Doom”: the instrumental interlude is a nice piece of music, but it seemed an extract from a completely different album and genre, like a power fantasy or folk album.

The following songs share great guitar works and rhythm, drawing influence from some of the biggest musicians that have ever existed: Judas Priest, but also Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden come to mind. These guys from Northern Italy have learned really well the history of heavy metal and they are not afraid to show it.

What I am not keen on is the combination of vocals: sometimes it appears confusing, with too many voices that suffocate the main one, or worse, not really in tune, which is a shame. In fact, later on Fabio Attacco shows a good command of the voice, reaching higher note effortlessly. In my opinion, the band would benefit more from this singing style, which is not particularly original but suits the frontman way more.

“Shiver of the fate” is one of my favourite tracks: melodic, with an open sound, able to catch the attention of the listener from the first second. It could have been a great tune overall but once more the lower part of the vocals don’t quite work, while the chorus sounds really good! With “Terror Dream” and “Disobey The Pain” the pace increases again and what a solo in the second part of the eighth track!

Throughout the album Davide Ruffa and Fabio Novarese deliver a great performance, combining heavy riffs with occasional tasteful clean parts. And let’s not forget Alessio Scoccati on bass: bass players are often overlooked, but his contribution to the rhythmic parts is fundamental, so let’s raise a glass to them, silent heroes of the heavy metal world.

Overall “Solar Quake” is a good album, with some great moments: it is clear the musicians behind it are passionate and capable, but for me, they are not quite there yet, mainly due to some vocal parts and an identity that sometimes struggles to come to the surface. It’s a shame, as the Italian metal scene would benefit from new talents; I hope that in the next album Fabio Attacco will focus on his clean vocals, as that would definitely work a treat for the band’s sound and take them to the next level.



1. Solar Quake
2. U.T.B
3. Call of Doom
4. Chaos Control
6. Shiver of the Fate
7. Terror Dream
8. Disobey the Pain
9. Holy Shit
10. Time to be Ourselves
11. Ghost

Band Line up:

Fabio Attacco – Vocals
Fabio Novarese – Guitars
Davide Ruffa -Guitars
Alessio Scoccati – Bass
Giulio Murgia – Drums