Dordeduh – Har

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Reviewed: April, 2021
Released: May 14, 2021, Prophecy Productions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Dordeduh was formed in 2009 when Hupogrammus and Sol Faur split from Romanian Folk/Black metal band Negură Bunget. Their debut album was nothing short of brilliant. Their mix of folk and atmospheric black metal was unlike anything I had heard previously. The only thing that could come close was Enslaved. I had wondered what had happened to this band and was delighted to hear that a new album was on the horizon after a nine year wait. Once again, they have managed to create an album that goes beyond just the “atmospheric black metal” tag to encompass an eclectic mix of folk, progressive and epic black metal. HAR is another collection of songs unlike anything I have heard.

First, lets talk about the folk elements and the use of traditional folk instruments. A number of traditional instruments are used at various points in the album including the Tambal, xylophon, toaca, tulnic, nai, fluier, caval, dube, timbale, lemne, and mandola. Once again solidifying my point that this is not just folk metal. The album opener, “Timpul întâilor,” not only showcases this but is a monstrous way to open an album. A twelve minute epic metal journey that is nothing short of brilliant. It begins with so melodic and builds to these massive riffs, including the most incredible tremolos. The vocals shuffle between a lower blackened metal growl with some very melodic clean vocals. As I said, this is a musical journey with so many layers and as it slows to a pace that reminds me of modern Enslaved’s slower more prog rock moments, even bordering on psychedelic in places but with more traditional instruments supporting the music.

Another thing about this album is that although this collection of songs take you on a musical journey, the songs each have their own personality. Actually I would say they are more like compositions than mere songs. Even though each song has it’s own identity, the consistent factor is that each song is created to be a huge experience. “Descânt” has all of the elements of the opener but the experience is so much different because of how the song builds only to let you go…..only to build it up again. Then you have a song line “Vraci de nord” that has death/doom elements all through it…until it doesn’t. The eleven and a half minute composition adds elements of prog, techno and even pop in with the death doom and it strangely works. Then there is “De neam vergur,’ which may be my favorite song on the album just because of how it separates itself from the rest of the album. This actually reminds of Nokturnal Mortum’s “Valkyrie” from their epic monster “VOICE OF STEEL.” Then it goes off in a Pink Floyd direction. Once again, this is music unlike anything I have heard before.

Nine years is a long time between released, however this was seriously worth the wait. Dordeduh have, once again, pushed boundaries to create something extremely unique. This also shows that this band is the real deal. Creating an awe inspiring debut then creating a follow up that is possibly stronger than the debut nine years later is an extraordinary feat. I just hope we don’t have to wait that long for the third!


Line Up:
Hupogrammus: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Hammered dulcimer, Mandola, Toacă, Tulnic, Percussion
Sol Faur: Guitars, Keyboards, Hammered dulcimer, Xylophone
Flavius Misarăș: Bass
Putrid: Drums

Track List:
1.Timpul întâilor
2.În vieliștea uitării
4.Calea magilor
5. Vraci de nord
6. Desferecat
7. De neam vergur
8. Văznesit


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