Byron – The Omega Evangelion

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Reviewed: April, 2021
Released: March 26, 2021, The Goatmancer Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Byron is an eclectic mix of doom, rock, traditional metal and occult rock that makes for quite an interesting sound. This band was started as a one man project by ex Church of Void drummer Johannes “Byron Vortex” Lahti but has since taken on new life as a full band since recording this album. Other notable member of this project are Jyri “Moredhel” Vahvanen (Battlelore, ex Horna, ex Church of Void), Christoffer Frylmark (Acolytes of Moros), and Magus Corvus (ex Church of Void). So with these heavy hitters bringing their different styles with them on the debut THE OMEGA EVANGELION, the end result is a rather unique and cool album that is quite enjoyable.

After a short intro that seemed like an actual song we get to the opener, “Through the Eye of the Nightingale.” This is a 70s style occult rocker for sure and is a great opening song on the album. The clean female vocals are provided by Johanna Eteläkari of Kaarnekorpi and has that perfect tone for what this song was trying to represent. The song feels rather nostalgic even down to the solo.  Following that up is “Amathea,” which is a death doom song from the word go. Slow but effective riffing starts the song off. The vocals on this song are a male harsh vocal style. This song is in complete contrast to the previous song but somehow it works. The riffs are cool and the solos are godly. It seems these two songs set the mood for what the album will bring us.

For the rest of the album we have more interesting material. “Nights Watch” is a straight up epic doom song. Mostly clean vocals are used here and the song takes a but to build but once it does it is a crusher. “Corn, Drought and The Lord” is another with the female lead vocals that has that 70s occult rock vibe. The melodies are strong and her vocals are bluesy and gritty and fit the music perfectly. Then you have “Oktober” which is a slow doom number with vocals that alternate from the female to clean males. Then you have the album closer which is an all instrumental, adding another layer to this album. This song was quite unexpected on this album.

This is one of the most eclectic albums I’ve listened to in a really long time. This band does a real good job of creating something extremely unique and different making for a very enjoyable album. This type of sound is usually not my go to but with this I am glad I made the exception. If you want some good proto metal bordering on doom, this may be right up your alley.


Line Up:
Johanna Eteläkari: Vocals
Christoffer Frylmark: Vocals
Jaakko Puusaari: Guitars
Jyri Vahvanen: Guitars
Johannes Lahti: Bass, guitar, drums, piano
Magus Corvus: Guest vocals

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Through The Eye of the Nightingale
3. Amalthea
4. Corn, Drought and the Lord
5. Oktober
6. Oasis Tranquillity
7. Night’s Watch
8. Over The Wall

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