Beekeeper – Slaves To The Nothing

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April 2021
May 7th, 2021 / Metal Assault
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Let the pandemonium begin! San Diego’s Beekeeper is on the verge of laying down a severe beating of the senses with their debut album, SLAVES TO THE NOTHING.

This is where I would say that re-issues generally do not excite me much, but the simple fact is that I have been properly introduced to Beekeeper because of this re-issue. And this is a good thing. Originally released way back in 2017, SLAVES TO THE NOTHING took the SoCal metal community by swarm. Or storm if puns offend you. I believe it was an independent release then. With the re-issue that is on the way, not only will it be remastered on CD, it is also getting a proper vinyl and cassette release. You may be wondering why? Well, it is that good.

Beekeeper formed in 2010 and worked their way up the local scene ranks, slaying all those they came across. With a sound and style that could have easily come out of the 80’s thrash scene, the band set out to create their place in metal history. Beekeeper seems to be on the right track. This album does and will rank up there with some of the best.

Beekeeper’s thrash metal fury does have the ability to stand on its own in regards to individuality. A challenging feat in itself these days. Yet, I do hear the essence of many of Beekeeper’s influences throughout the album. Be it early Slayer, old-school Sepultura, or even Death, Beekeeper have that fine line of extreme death tied in with a brand of gut-ripping thrash metal that sets them apart from the masses. And this is not only due to their playing abilities, but the unique songwriting as well.

In short, this is a damn good thrash album. Beekeeper is one of those bands that should be on your radar as they are currently working on newer material. Watch out; Beekeeper is ready to take the world by swarm! Yeah, I went there.



1. Vargas
2. Fictitious
3. Subservient Submission
4. Vegeta
5. Kamel Krusher
6. Satan
7. Picket Fence Death Night
8. Instant Death
9. Trials of the Shredder

Adam “Wally” Wollach – Bass
Dylan Marks – Drums
Ally Levine – Guitars, Vocals


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