Metal-Rules Exclusive: Finnish Heavy/Doom band BYRON (feat. former members of CHURCH OF VOID, HORNA and BATTLELORE) Premier Debut Album THE OMEGA EVANGELION

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“I’m proud and privileged to present BYRON’S debut album THE OMEGA EVANGELION as an exclusive premiere for the respectful audience of, out March 26, 2021!

THE OMEGA EVANGELION serves an eclectic mix of melodic metal, occult rock, stoner and some darker sides of doom as a theme album of endings, loss and hope.

The building process of this album was all new to me, and thus rather slow, to be able to carry out 100% of my own visions of the songs in hand, from composing to raw-demos and finally to put every piece in its place in studio. Luckily I’m privileged to be surrounded by these talented people who could see the things I needed. We’re all excited to share this album to everyone and we hope you like the result as much as we do.

As the pandemic continues, we put our minds already to future studio sessions and deeply wait for live shows being possible again.”


BYRON is a melodic heavy metal band from Finland founded 2019 as a one-man studio project, now standing as a full-grown band. BYRON mixes its eclectic sound with influences from various genres, such as occult rock and doom, topping it with themes and imagery of the arcane and the occult.

Participants at THE OMEGA EVANGELION sessions were:
Johanna Eteläkari (KAARNEKORPI): Vocals
Christoffer Frylmark (ACOLYTES OF MOROS): Vocals
Jaakko Puusaari: Guitars
Johannes Lahti (CHURCH OF VOID): Bass, guitar, drums, piano
+ Magus Corvus (FIMIR, EX-CHURCH OF VOID): Guest vocals