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Zac Crye

Reviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Svetlana Likhacheva

Zac Crye from Hudu Akil is back, dropping his sophomore release called “All The Same”, which is a five track EP in a stoner rock style with some psychedelic elements spicing it up. Composed, performed and recorded by Zac in its entirety, the EP shows his musical fortitude and talent.

All The Same starts with a title song, which is pretty neat. I enjoyed the cool, low guitar intro and interesting transitions of sounds throughout the song. The rhythm section is also cool; I liked the monotone rhythm because it matches well with the meaning of the song. The lyrics are rather gloomy, and the overall sound helps to create a frustrated atmosphere. The only little drawback I found was the vocals – they sounded a little flat to me, but that might just be Zak’s manner of performing which I’m not familiar with. Anyway, that didn’t spoil the track for me.

What is more, Zac’s vocal abilities were shown much better in Look Out Above. It’s a great song with catchy drumming and a good dark sound. The chorus is very long and monotone, so I had no idea how Zac was able to sing such a long part without even breathing in or stopping for a second. That definitely earns some respect from me for a musician, although it gave me an unpleasant feeling like I’m choking myself.

The worst track from All The Same, to my mind, was Firewater. It’s not bad in general, but it sounded less impressive to me than the others. The guitar riff was not so great, and it sounded a little weird from the start, but it sounded better with the raspy vocals than without any at all. In addition, some parts of the melody feel unnaturally exaggerated or just as if they don’t belong where they are placed. And with all that, Firewater is the longest song from the EP!

Speaking of good parts, my two favorites were Roach Weeds and The Road. The distorted voice and general sound in Roach Weeds is gloomy and awesome. It’s funny, but my first thought about this song was that it sounds like the soundtrack to Sally Face or any other indie-horror game – which I am a huge fan of. The Road has the biggest amount of psychedelic elements, more so than any other song in All The Same. It has a very meditative instrumental and psychedelic guitar riff, which is accompanied by literal instruction to meditation! That’s impressive, and later on in the song Zac’s vocals appear gradually within the melody as if you were sinking into a meditative state, following the instruction voice. It was a very interesting experience for me and I definitely enjoyed it.


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01. All the Same
02. Look Out Above
03. Roach Weeds
04. Firewater
05. The Road

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