Stortregn – Impermanence

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Reviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, The Artisan Era 
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Svetlana Likhacheva

Newbies of The Artisan Era, Geneva-Switzerland-based act Stortregn are ready to show us the next level of their skill with a new record – Impermanence. This 8-track album is real space journey, exploring unorthodox ways and style combinations, but remaining true to its metal heart.

Ghosts of the Past, which is the opening song, shows the listener some neat composing decisions from the very beginning. I was truly impressed with the sad and melodic intro gradually tensing up with some sharp guitar sound and intensifying drums to evolve into a beautifully powerful melody. And when the vocals, raging and insane, kick in, it gives a real blast.

Another song I fully enjoyed was Cosmos Eater. It is a great space opera of its own unique kind. The track has a great, truly cosmic intro and some stellar guitar sound accompanied with intense drumming. Vocals are also great, raw and strong, they match the overall sound perfectly.

The space trip continues in the title track, which looks more like a sketch than a complete song or overture. Nevertheless, that does not take away any credit, because the track is immaculate. Impermanence is a cosmic flight. It draws up the stunning and scary image of a free floating in the infinite void of dark and unknown space. And this picture evoke some contradictory senses – astonishment for the endless beauty, and ancient fear of the immense and unexplored.

The next track I would like to pick out is my personal number one from the album – Timeless Splendor. It has an absolute banger riff and sounds super dynamic – which some songs I did not mention lack. The calm and whispering middle part is just as good, because it adds to the stellar vibe greatly. Sound effects are also very good and just in place here. This all together make such a good song.

Other songs, including the closing track Nénie, are also good. They have interesting guitar riffs, monolithic sounds and nice composing decisions. I also noticed that in some songs (for example, Grand Nexion Abyss) the guitar rhythm imitated the sound of traditional “space sound” effects and I found that really interesting. Overall, I would recommend the album – some of the tracks were a little flat to me, but the ones I mentioned definitely deserve attention.



1. Ghosts of the Past
2. Moon, Sun, Stars
3. Cosmos Eater
4. Impermanence
5. Grand Nexion Abyss
6. Multilayered Chaos
7. Timeless Splendor
8. Nénie

Band line-up:

Romain Negro – Vocals
Johan Smith – Guitars / classical guitar
Duran Bathija – Guitars
Manuel Barrios – Bass
Samuel Jakubec – Drums

Band Websites:
Instagram: @stortregn_official
The Artisan Era YouTube Channel