Scars Remain – Scars Remain

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March 2021
Released 2020 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


“Scars Remain is a Hard Rock band from Charlotte, NC. Even with plenty of experience under their belts, they still play with the same energy as when they first got together, continuously solidifying their foothold in the North Carolina scene. Scars Remain was formed in 2017 by Travis Keziah (Vocals) and Kyle Spidel (Guitar). After reconnecting, they went full speed ahead and brought in Jason “Animal” Evans as their drummer, whom Travis worked with in the past, and Andy Allen to crush it on the bass.”

Scars Remain have a sound that many will come to enjoy. They hit me at first as one of the many popular hard rock radio bands that many of us hear when tuning into your local rock stations. The band has a wide range of influences which you can hear throughout. A few include STP, Alice In Chains to Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine.

With those mentioned influences, and quite a set of skills, SCARS REMAIN is a fresh new listen for me. With so many of the popular radio bands all sounding a bit close together for me, Scars Remain have a sound that you can differentiate from the rest. From driving and heavy riffing to the powerful delivery of the vocals which marry perfectly with a crushing rhythm section that narrowly holds back their energetic and fierce sound.

Being a newer band, Scars Remain is one of those bands that I am of almost certainty, will be ‘making it’ to the op soon. It would be foolish to believe otherwise. Each of these tracks are incredibly good in every way. As this one has been in the wheelhouse here for a couple months. Now it is the time to unleash Scars Remain to you. Enjoy.

1. Disease
2. What You Give
3. What I’ve Become
4. Killing Field 2020
5. Rabbit Hole

Travis Keziah – Vocals
Jason Evans – Percussion
Kyle Spidel – Guitar
Andy Allen – Bass



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