Pentral – What Lies Ahead Of Us

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Reviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Again from the depths of the interesting Brazilian scene comes a band with great technical contribution called Pentral. WHAT LIES AHEAD OF US is the name of their first album, which will be released recently in the first week of March this year. We are facing a band with a totally progressive DNA, which despite not having songs of enormous diversity, they do manage to hook with their intricate bars.

Pentral is the product of the initiative of the Lima brothers: Víctor and Vagner. They were joined by Joe Ferry and some guest artists to put together a very interesting and nuanced album. The first single they let out was “Silent Trees”, an incredible song whose dramatic lyrics are perfectly complemented by highly emotional music, demonstrating the enormous potential that Pentral has to express itself through sounds.

WHAT LIES AHEAD OF US offers different tickets; if the aforementioned “Silent Trees” is calm and gentle, “All My Wounds” raises the speed a bit, using more cheerful harmonies but without losing those intricate rhythms of the genre. We are facing a band perfectly aware of its compositional resources. “A Gift From God” is another great example of how Pentral can change the chip and move to a different style in order to express a different but equally strong feeling.

The album had a luxury production team, with an army of engineers in charge of recording, mixing and mastering, that is, WHAT LIES AHEAD OF US is not only the result of three musicians, but behind them there were many people involved from from pre-production to post-production and the result is clearly noticeable throughout the ten pieces that compose it. Listening to the album is an experience few should avoid.


Vocals: Victor Lima
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Victor Lima
Drums: Vagner Lima
Bass: Joe Ferry
Keyboards: Ivan Teixeira
Cello: Yaniel Matos
Voices on “Silent Trees” intro: Isabella Trindade and Ivan Teixeira

1. Silent Trees 07:13
2. All My Wounds 04:29
3. Disconnected 04:37
4. Letters From Nowhere 06:53
5. Aiming For The Sun 05:52
6. A Gift From God 05:53
7. No Real Colour In Souls 08:28
8. The Shell I’m Living In 04:06
9. Are You Satisfied? 07:54
10. The Law 08:43
11. Silent Trees – Radio Edit 04:47
12. Aiming For The Sun – Radio Edit 04:02

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