Maudiir – La Part du Diable

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Reviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, self-released
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec (Canada), one-man-band Maudiir ring in the new year with a brand new release. La Part du Diable is the second EP from F. aka Frédéric Bergeron for this project, following up last year’s Le Temps Peste. The sound can generally be described as blackened thrash, infused with a few other influences.

“Fracture” gets La Part du Diable off to a rather relaxed start, before evolving into an upbeat number and setting the pace for much of the rest of the EP. The lyrics describe religious fanatics. Despite all the unexpected twists and turns, the riffs manage to be as catchy as the lyrics. A very intriguing front-runner, full of killer grooves and a strong abrasive vocal approach that is solid all the way through the EP.

While the first song was dominated by guitars musically, the rhythm section is really solid throughout “The Slumber”. This time around, the idea of the pandemic revealing unsavoury personality traits in people is explored. The instrumental side has a more distinctive black metal vibe to it than the other four songs.

Of all the hybrid genre tracks, “The Fortunate Few” is the most straightforward. The melodies are very infectious for a black/thrash number, with the drums commanding the sonically powerful offering. There are some lyrics that seem to have a double meaning, referring to the (self-)destruction of mankind and the earth simultaneously.

Despite being the shortest track, “Spirit Of Sulfur” still manages to be one of the most dramatic and eventful. It transforms from thrash to even having punk rock moments, the flavours blending surprisingly well together.

Fifth and final instalment “The Crowning Hour” boasts quite an upbeat intro in contrast to the four before it, with the progressive side to the album quite experimental here. The gang shouts featured are effective along with the politically charged lyrics, evoking some of the events that unfolded during the past year in lockdown successfully.

If this is what Maudiir can achieve in only 24 minutes and 24 seconds, bring on a full-length. If you’re into Skeletonwitch, Voivod, or Ihsahn, give release this a listen!

La Part du Diable is out now! Order it from Maudiir’s Bandcamp page here.



1. Fracture
2. The Slumber
3. The Fortunate Few
4. Spirit Of Sulfur
5. The Crowning Hour

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F. – Everything


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