Malacoda – Crawling Chaos

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MalacodaReviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, self- released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Andrea Di Stasio

“Crawling Chaos” is a solid EP that sets its tone from the very first note of the first homonym track: a wonderful gothic atmosphere, where every sound paints darkness with a different voice.

The delicate vocals of Beth Wilson balance the raw and solid ones of the frontman and keyboard player Lucas Di Mascio in an excellent mix that reminds me of Lacuna Coil’s first tunes. This very first track, and first single, is probably my favourite: catchy, well-structured, a good example of gothic metal, that doesn’t surprise too much but definitely doesn’t disappoint. Di Mascio’s keyboards paint perfectly the scene and contrast beautifully with the fierce drums of the guest Victor Boechat.

With “Deadlights”, the rhythm increases and Cradle of Filth, but also Dimmu Borgir, come to mind: Victor Bohecat, the guest drummer on this track, delivers an excellent performance, accompanied on the rhythmic session by Zak Stulla. The growls of Di Mascio are solid throughout the track and enhance the gloomy atmosphere, adding depth to the tune.

The last two tracks, “From the Depths” and “The Harsh Law”,  see Elie Bertrand (Scarlet Sins) on the drums and the return of guest vocalists: James Delbridge and Beth Wilson. Despite the excellent vocal skills of Delbridge, I found his voice distracting, which is a shame because he can clearly sing, but somehow the spell was broken by his high vocals.

Overall “Crawling Chaos” is a good EP, which I hope will soon lead to a full-length album, because I am curious to see what else Malacoda has to offer.



1. Crawling Chaos
2. Deadlights
3. From the Depths (feat. James Delbridge)
4. The Harsh Law

Band line-up:

Lucas Di Mascio – Vocals & keys
Wes MacDonald – Guitars
Zachary “Zak” Stulla – Bass


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