Lake Of Tears – Ominous

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March 2021
February 19th, 2021 / AFM Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Lake of Tears is a Swedish heavy metal band initially formed in 1994. The band’s sound consists mainly of playing gothic metal and doom. After some creative differences in the early 2000’s they disbanded for a couple of years before reforming. Over the years, their sound has expanded to include more psychedelic rock and progressive rock elements.

The sounds of OMINOUS are “rooted in illness and depression, in days of grey. These moments, burdensome and overwhelming, are dissected and then reassembled into a linear story. Brennare creates his vision at the end of the world, starring the cosmonaut and the ominous brothers. He combines gothic rock with post-punk tunes and quiet, melancholic sounds that grow into powerful tracks, heavy and glutinous as liquid bitumen.”

OMINOUS turned out to be a surprise listen for me. At first, it immediately reminded me of something Peter Tägtgren’s PAIN would do. After a few times through, I can still hear those elements. Brennare has put forth an incredible musicscape with this album. While the sounds are familiar to me in the realms of the melancholic gothic doom metal category, this album sets itself apart from the pack.

Musically, this album takes Lake Of Tears back to the form of all its past glory. Brennare is a fantastic composer of the gloomy after-effects of the genre. The addition of the more guitar-heavy driven anthems of “Ominous One and The End Of The World” shows the listener the diversity that Lake Of Tears has come to be known for.

OMINOUS is an excellent album that I have listened to several times now and will probably keep in rotation for a while. Prepare yourself for the journey as OMINOUS will pull you, like it or not, right into the dark, bleak, and gloomy world of being. An atmospheric and somber journey of the mind to which many will be able to relate.



1. At the Destination
2. In Wait and in Worries
3. Lost in a Moment
4. Ominous One
5. Ominous Too
6. One Without Dreams
7. The End of This World
8. Cosmic Sailor
9. In Gloom

Daniel Brennare – Guitars, Vocals


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