Gamalyel – Vencer o Morir

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Reviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Gamalyel is a Power Metal band born in the distant year of 2003 in Falcón, Venezuela; that same year the group debuted with the EP: DESPERTANDO EL GUERRERO, with a very interesting sound for the time it was released. After that first release, the group only managed to present a demo in 2006 of three pieces and the single VENCER O MORIR en 2008.

Now the group has been reborn from its ashes to present: VENCER OR MORIR (yeah, just like the previous single), an album that was kept for 15 years due to unfortunate negligence; they lost the tracks and couldn’t release it at the time. Now that they recovered the songs, they decided to release it in digital format and it is incredible what was stored for a decade and a half.

We listen to pieces where harmonized guitars, flute and violins abound without sounding cloying. His compositions have an extensive compositional richness with melodic evolutions within the same piece and a great ensemble between riffs and voice lines. The use of the flute is not excessive, it only appears in some introductions such as “Vencer o Morir” and even accompanies in some solos, as in the piece “Cambio”, making the instrument really enrich the pieces and not be a fake folk hook.

The lyrics are perfectly written in Spanish, with a very interesting cadence, generating very intricate melodic lines in the voice which gives a lot of dynamism to the songs. Renzo Harris (voice) has a naturally high timbre so his interpretation is perfectly ad hoc to the genre he interprets.

Jose Matula Goitia was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering the album in 2020. If it had come out 15 years ago who knows if it would have sounded the same, but if so, it would have been the greatest revolution that could have occurred in Latin American Power Metal, because the sound achieved is truly excellent.

According to guitarist Nelson Hoyer, some members are no longer in Venezuela as they emigrated, without specifying who or since when, however, the intention is to release a new album and not leave Gamalyel in limbo for another decade and a half.


Emil Reyes – Bass
Juan Petit – Drums
Emmy Reyes – Guitars
Nelson Hoyer – Guitars
Eduardo Barragan – Keyboards
Renzo Harris – Vocals

1. Preludio de guerra 02:07
2. Hechizo mortal 04:43
3. Angel Gibriel 05:02
4. Despertando el guerrero 04:55
5. Cambios 04:36
6. Vencer o morir 05:42
7. Noche sin sueños 04:40
8. Inmortal 04:11
9. Ya no soy aquel 04:15