Cobra Cult – Second Gear

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cobracultReviewed: March 2021
Released: 2021, GMR Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Andrea Di Stasio

Straightforward and soaked in contagious energy: “Second Gear” is this and much more. With their second album, Cobra Cult bring oxygen to the music scene, delivering good old hard rock that never disappoints and engages the listener from the very first track.

“Sell Your Soul” hits you with explosive guitars which, combined with the raw vocals of Johanna Lindhult, literally grab you from the guts and make you headbang, even during a dull week-night. Despite having found the second and third track to be not as strong as the opening one, as soon as the chorus of “Mean Machine” approaches I was grateful for giving the album more time and space to be enjoyed and digested.

The rest of “Second Gear” is punchy and fun: “Hey” and “Dust on my Boots” are, in my opinion, the best tracks of this second segment, where the amazing guitar work and the vocals hit the spot once more.

“Hit the stage” concludes the album in the best possible way and probably would be a great tune to end a gig: it contains all of the main features of Cobra Cult but also adds a new colour to this ever-changing punk palette. The abrupt end is what you can expect, and yet it makes you want more.

“Second Gear” is 24 minutes of heavy riffs, catchy harmonies and fun: Misfits, Danzig and even Motörhead come to mind and, yet, the band is able to keep its identity, not easy at all these days.

Cobra Cult’s energy is so overwhelming that you can literally see them playing in your mind while listening to the album’s 8 tracks: each song adds more colour, a different electric shade, thanks to the solid rhythmic session. I am no drummer or bass player, but these guys do an excellent job.

It is clear that the members of the band, who have been protagonists of the Swedish music scene for many years, bring different influences that contribute to “Second Gear”‘s distinctive sound.
I have loved listening to this album, especially in a moment where live music seems still too far away. Cobra Cult makes you feel part of the music itself: as the sound sneaks under your skin, you end up forgetting about lockdowns and walls to enjoy life, what more can you ask?

Cobra Cult is the type of band that I would like to see on stage soon, possibly in a sticky crowd, with a warm beer that I wouldn’t mind to spill because I am too busy enjoying the show.


Cobra Cult


1. Sell Your Soul
2. The Devil’s End
3. Run For Your Life
4. Mean Machine
5. Hey!?
6. Dust On My Boots
7. Beat The Demon
8. Hit The Stage

Band line-up:

Johanna Lindhult – Lead vocals, guitar
Thomas Jonsson – Bass, backing vocals
Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén – Drums
Anders Martinsgård – Guitar