Anzeria – Holy Defy

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Reviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Anzeria is a symphonic metal band born in the distant year of 2009, however, that does not mean that it has been on the scene for 12 years. It had a first run until 2014 and it was until 2020 that they resumed activities. In January of this year they presented the single “Web of Lies”, letting us hear a sound that adheres to the canons of the genre with a high-impact female voice and a combination of orchestrations and riffs that will capture every fan of the genre without any problem. .

Now the group from Istanbul, Turkey, presents its debut album entitled HOLY DEFY. The first thing that catches your eye is the voice of Damla Kayihan, a vocalist who perfectly masters her resources and exploits them with all creative freedom in the eight pieces that make up this album. She doesn’t need to scream to be perceived; the album’s well-thought-out mix lets you hear her clearly.

The guitar work is very interesting; In addition to presenting riffs perfectly amalgamated with the orchestrations, sometimes we can hear more daring arrangements like in “The World’s Rising”, whose arpeggio shouts from the rooftops that we are in front of a band from Eastern Europe. Another example of his compositional richness is the homonymous piece “Holy Defy”, where they present different very dynamic and perfectly concatenated passages.

Along with Kayihan’s crystalline voice we also heard guitarist Mehmet Erkut Atay in the gutturals, however, his voice was affected a bit by the mix as it does not sound with the same forcefulness as the main voice; it seems that it has the effect that they give to the choral voices. Fortunately, this does not tarnish the brightness of the compositions at any time.

Although the album was recorded by five members, the band currently only has three members, which can tell us how difficult it is to have a band in emerging scenes. However, it is very gratifying to see that despite the difficulties, Damla Kayıhan’s dream came true with the release of a very enjoyable album.


anzeria bandLineup:
Vocals & Lyrics & Music by Damla Kayıhan
Guitars & Basses & Music by Çağrı Çarhacıoğlu
Guitars & Male Vocals & Lyrics & Music & Arrangements by Mehmet Erkut Atay
Drums by Mert Gezgin
Keys by Esra Gezgin

1 Web of Lies
2 The World’s Rising
3 Holy Defy
4 Yokluktan Önce
5 Hour of Reaper
6 Kangren
7 Kayboldum
8 Medusa

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