Rebel Rouser: A Sweet User Manual By MARTIN POPOFF Now Shipping

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…has just arrived at the office and is ready for signing and shipping. Not at my website yet but I indeed have boxes o’ books as of TODAY.


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The book is 286 pages rendered in my usual format, namely every song discussed, one chapter per album, with dual tipped-in sections of colour photography, but also with black-and-white imagery lovingly marbled throughout. You’ve all been very kind in making my recent books like this on Angel, Mercyful Fate, Maiden and Priest sell good, so this one is very much a style match to those, with lots of detail and trivia nugget-mining not found amongst the almost non-existent material out there on Sweet.


As the back cover sez…


“Everybody wants a piece of the action!”


They were the heaviest of the gender-bending glam bands in Britain in the ‘70s, with smash hit after smash hit and a stronghold in Germany of all places.


Soon Sweet—Brian Connolly, Andy Scott, Steve Priest and Mick Tucker—would extricate themselves from their producer puppeteers and make a clutch of classic heavy metal albums still revered today.


Desolation Boulevard, Sweet Fanny Adams, Give Us a Wink and Off the Record… these records formed the core before disaster struck, with lead singer Connolly falling prey to the demon drink and dying from it slowly over the following 20 years. Mick and Steve are now gone too, with Andy Scott being the last man standing from the UK institution that brought us “Ballroom Blitz,” “Action” and “Fox on the Run.”


Come hear the band’s singular and bizarre start as pop tarts, their middle with one of rock’s most revered drummers in Mick, and how it all went wrong in a blizzard of booze, cocaine and busted relationships. But also, in the spirit of the book’s User Manual subtitle, come explore the band’s plethora of singles, non-LP B-sides, hard rock album classics and otherwise weirdly released songs as Martin plays DJ for you, taking you to every corner of the band’s crunchy catalogue blessed by the most angelic harmonies ever committed to virgin vinyl.


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