Rage In My Eyes – Ice Cell

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Reviewed: January, 2021
Released: 2019, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Rage In My Eyes is a Brazilian group from Porto Alegre born in 2002 under the name Scelerata. Under that name, they released three albums, until in 2018 they decided to change to the current name. We are facing a typical Brazilian group, this means that it exploits talent in each of its musicians; each member displays an overflowing technique and condenses it into pieces of enormous compositional merit.

A year after changing their name they released an album entitled: ICE CELL, where we can see an incredible musical evolution; if before the band already made power metal of enormous quality, with this new installment the group decided to take everything to the next level with ambitious progressive touches. The result is extremely successful, as we listen to musicians at the highest level that they have ever been.

The interesting thing is that this evolution did not affect its power roots, since it is still possible to listen to very melodic passages and guitars that harmonize; its main changes were in the tuning of the compositions, which also modified the vocal range of its vocalist, Jonathas Pozo. However, all these changes turned out to be very beneficial, which is a huge merit for the group considering how reluctant fans tend to be when a group decides to change their style.

Two pieces that can illustrate very well the entire musical evolution of Rage In My Eyes could be: “Hole In The Shell” and “Death Sleepers”, there we can hear not only the new elements of the band, but we can still perceive strong reminiscences of power metal that made Scelerata one of the most underrated bands not only in Brazil but on the entire international scene during the past decade.

ICE CELL is an excellent rudder stroke; although the presence of Scelerata will be missed, what Rage In My Eyes has achieved has such a great impact that it is very easy to stop looking at the past, something apparently impossible today for established bands; therein lies the enormous value of this album and of this Brazilian band.


Track Listing:
rage in my eyes band1. Winter Dream (4:46)
2. Surrounded By Black Mirrors (4:16)
3. Dive Deep (4:14)
4. Hole in the Shell (4:35)
5. Death Sleepers (5:02)
6. Inner Fate (3:45)
7. Blank (5:23)
8. The Core (3:39)
9. Soul Gatherer (4:19)
10. Burn The Throne! (4:43)
11. Draft of Illusions (5:03)
Album Length: 49:50

Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Leo Nunes – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums
Matheus Kleber – Accordion (Special Guest on tracks 1, 4 & 5)
Vinícius Möller – Vocals (Special Guest on track 11)


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