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Reviewed: January 24th 2021
Released: 2020, self-released
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Dennis

Dallas, Texas is not only known for it’s oil and cotton industry, there’s also some nice, ass-kicking Metal bands around. Protest did release three Eps in 2020 and all of them sound angry as fuck.

As every Metalhead knows Thrash Metal is mostly about being frustrated, pissed and the need to vent. And venting they do, Dave Woodard belts and shouts as if there is no tomorrow or sore throats don’t exist. Michael Wilson and Jason French are the riff-machines of the five-piece while Ernie Jaramillo (Bass) and Mike Fury (drums) are the coronary arteries that pump the lifeblood through the melodic structures. Don’t get me wrong, melodies are not what these gentlemen craft, it is more of a controlled berserker fury whose whole purpose is to create destruction through sound. Focusing rage like a laser beam is what Protest do. The riffing is extremely violent and most of the time there is just an angry staccato to hear.

If Aggression is your whole motivation this would be the soundtrack to your life.



Track listing:

1.Eve’s Error

2.The Corruption Code

3.Know Your Enemy

4.Useless Weapon



Line up:


Ernie Jaramillo – Bass

Jason French – Guitars

Dave Woodard – Vocals

Mike Fury – Drums

Michael Wilson – Guitars