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Reviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2021, Frontiers
Rating: 5 /5
Reviewer: JP

Persuader stands in a pretty unique position here at   Of the thousands and thousands of albums we have reviewed over a quarter of a century, I believe that Persuader is the only band to get five consecutive, perfect, five out of five scores.  This is not just one fan-boy reviewing all the albums either!  The band has consistently been a top performer and big favourite on this site since our founder reviewed their ‘Visions And Dreams’ demo back in 1998.  He predicted big things for this band and he was not wrong.

It has been six years since THE FICTION MAZE and the band is now signed to Frontiers Records.  At first glance, this might seem like not a perfect fit as the band is heavier than 99% of the material on the label however in 2020 Frontiers said they were going to expand into more ‘Metal’ bands. They could not have made a better choice.  Come to think of it the band has had five albums on five different labels, Loud n’ Proud, Noise, Dockyard, Inner Wound and now Frontiers. I guess those other record labels could not handle the power of Persuader!

The band line-up is pretty stable although since the recording of the album there have been some changes.  We are also graced with another fine album that matches the album title nicely.

Persuader are consistently top-notch Heavy Metal.  Fire and fury, speed, melody, power and precision all combined into 44 molten minutes. The band doesn’t mess around. There are no ballads, no cover tunes, no jokes, no special guests that overshadow the band, no symphonies and orchestras, just balls-out Metal. NECROMANCY is a dense, intense affair the farthest thing you could get from happy Power Metal.  I love all that stuff too but you just can’t call Freedom Call for example, and Persuader both Power Metal in the same sentence.  Jens voice is still indestructible, sick dirty and mean, metal to the core, without descending into just screaming or guttural styles.

Once again Persuader is the band Blind Guardian wishes they could have been. While Blind Guardian is off making three-hour long symphonic dungeons and dragons story albums with an orchestra, Persuader craps on them from a mile up.  I’d better wrap up this review before it degenerates into gushing fan-boy clichés, but the sentiment stands. NECROMANCY is another flawless Persuader album.

Track Listing:

1. The Curse Unbound
2. Scars
3. Raise the Dead
4. Reign of Darkness
5. Hells Command
6. Gateways
7. The Infernal Fires


Efraim Juntunen-Drums
Jens Carlson-Vocals
Emil Norbert-Guitar, Bass
Fredrik Mannberg-Guitar