Octavision – Coexist

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Reviewed: February, 2021
Released: 2020, Octavision
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Octavision is a band that began to form in 2016, but the idea of the band and its debut album started about a decade ago. Hovak Alaverdyan is an Armenian guitarist that had a vision of creating a progressive metal album that would be played by some of his favorite musicians. As a result, Octavision qualifies as a super group that includes Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten and Jeff Scott Soto, along with stickman Roman Lomtadze, Armenian producer Murzo on keyboards, and Avag Margaryan on the flute-like blul instrument. Wooten and Sheehan have both called the music on COEXIST some of the most challenging they have ever played but challenging does not automatically mean good, right?

COEXIST is an album that is as exacting for the listener as it is for the performers. Like most progressive metal, there are numerous time changes, complex riffs and layers of technical keyboards. However, even within the context of progressive music there are come unconventional scales and notes and the blul adds a noticeable middle eastern flavor to some of the passages. Nevertheless, Dream Theater and Symphony X’s influence is clear through the album, most noticeably on “Proctagon” and “Three Lives.” Soto provides vocals on two songs, the title track and “Apocalyptus”, with each being a strong performance from the veteran singer. The remaining songs are all instrumental and packed with heavy, low-tuned riffs and precision performances from all of the band members. Other than the two Soto tracks, “Strombringer” distinguishes itself as a welcome and more restrained tune than the rest of the album, and it contains an easy to overlook yet brilliant percussive performance by Lomatadze.

Back to the question of whether this is good, there is no denying that this is high quality and noteworthy music. Fans of technical progressive metal will not be disappointed as there is a wealth of music to sift through on COEXIST. Generally, I do not gravitate towards instrumental albums, and other than a couple of songs, COEXIST is an instrumental metal album. Most of the tunes tend to blur together for me, but some of the passages that pop up during a listen are breathtaking. Overall, this is an album that I can appreciate and enjoy, but not one that I would find myself playing regularly. Fans of Dream Theater, Vanden Plas and Symphony X will find a kindred and similar experience with Octavision.


Track Listing:

1. Mindwar
2. Coexist
3. Proctagon
4. Apocalyptus
5. Three Lives
6. Stormbringer
7. So It Begins


Jeff Scott Soto -Vocals
Hovak Alaverdyan – Guitars
Victor Wooten – Bass
Billy Sheehan – Bass
Murzo – Keyboards
Roman Lomtadze – Drums
Avo Margaryan – Blul