Havenlights – Songs of Autumn

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Reviewed: January, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Havenlights is a novel group from Italy in charge of keeping the flame of the most neat and effective power metal alive with the same spirit that graced the European scene two decades ago. It was born in 2019 and, after much work and effort, they will release their debut album in February this year: SONGS OF AUTUMN, an eight-piece work that leads us through one of the best debuts that can start this year.

The band is made up of Francesco who, in addition to playing the bass, is also in charge of the orchestral arrangements; joined with him: Alessandro on keyboard and Daniele on guitar. The voice is in charge of Linda. Together they have achieved a very organic ensemble capable of interpreting very well accomplished pieces.

His power metal is of different nuances that at times reminds of Edenbridge’s first works, however, the main characteristic is how well structured his songs are; they manage to generate enough tension so that the choruses shine by themselves, all thanks to captivating melodies capable of generating feelings when listening. “Till I’m Gone” is a clear example of how well they know how to use a progression to bring an effective melody to life; in addition to showing that they know perfectly the language of power metal.

Although Linda’s voice is excellent, there is something about her performance that does not explode. We seem to hear it at half throttle, even in the choruses. “Sands of Time” is a good example for this. Technically she could still explore new grounds, because her creative ceiling definitely still seems very high, that is, it does not reach its full potential. Her choruses are precise and she controls her tonalities very well, so it is not unreasonable to think that we are dealing with a vocalist with enormous hidden power that has not yet exploded.

On a production level, Songs of Autumn is an excellent self-produced work. Pierlorenzo Tessa’s work in mixing and mastering allowed the songs to shine with a life of their own and for each instrument to be fully appreciated, especially the orchestrations. Hopefully Havenlights does not suffer from the segregation that new bands have had to go through in recent years, as this debut album shows enormous talent and above all an excellent organization, since releasing an album of this caliber just two years after its creation is a true merit few can get.


Vocals: Linda Raffaetà
Guitars: Daniele Davalle
Keyboards: Alessandro Petri
Bass, orchestral arrangements: Francesco Bertolaccini


1 – Icarus Rising
2 – Reckless Angel
3 – Long Lost Rhyme
4 – Till I’m Gone
5 – In My Dreams
6 – Fade Away
7 – Sands of Time
8 – Havenlights