Edoma – Immemorial Existence

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Reviewed: February 2021
Released: 2020, Petrichor
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Pete Mutant

Edoma are fairly fresh on the scene and have brought out their first full length in ‘Immemorial Existence’. This album provides nine tracks of Russian blackened death metal straight from the heart of St. Petersburg and gives the band a strong announcement onto the scene. The band formed in 2017, rigorously rehearsed their music and trialed it live over the course of the last three years, A classic way to go about it and it certainly sounds like it has paid off.

This album is very professionally done. Its production is tight but very effective at delivering the payload that the band offers musically. It is an album that grew on me rather than straight away blowing my mind. The music is pristine, polished and well formulated but not in an overly technical sense. The thing is that they really belong to the more modern style of black/death metal so, at first listen, nothing really stood out to be surprising at all. It’s really after a few listens that you can piece everything together and truly appreciate this band’s first release.

The band certainly have used the differing dynamics of black and death metal here very cleverly. The death metal aspects just allow for these moments where it livens things up so your hooks, bridges, breaks and track openings. The hooks especially work during tracks like ’Northern Heart’ whilst the death metal parts also allow to deliver crushing blows like at the start of ‘Herald Of Death’ or during ‘Last Hours’ when it just smashes through the main body of the song. The black metal sections really works more with the vocals for that frosty delivery but are very ubiquitous throughout most of the album as well and provide most of the melody.

These guys are from a place that gets rather frosty at times and has had a sordid history of death over the centuries so it makes complete sense for Edoma to utilise both styles to bring their creation to life. They are also extremely effective at planning when and where to use them so that no impact is lost but gained just when the need arises. ‘Immemorial Existence’ should help the band establish themselves quickly and open up some doors for the band. There’s a lot that here would appeal to many fans of black metal, death metal and, of course, blackened death. Edoma feel like a very professional band. Though the world is in chaos right now, it won’t last forever and I’m sure we’ll be seeing, and hearing, a lot more from Edoma in the near future.



1. Gates 1:40
2. Herald Of Death 4:24
3. Edoma 5:23
4. Northern Heart 5:14
5. Depletion Of Faith 4:51
6. Labyrinth Of Torment 6:57
7. Last Hours 5:01
8. Demons OF Eternal Twilight 4:26
9. Permafrost 6:10

Band line-up:

Nil Gorbunov – Guitars
Dimitrii Bondar – Guitars, vocals
Pavel Kurakin – Vocals, bass

Band Websites:


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