Goatwhore Livestream – Jan. 9th 2021

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9th January 2021

Review by Ryan Whitwell

A very well produced live stream featuring the Louisiana metal band Goatwhore took place for a full set of ear-bashing fury right into your living rooms!

The energy present on stage was great. With vocalist L. Ben Falgoust II getting up close to the camera lens, delivering his brand of aggressive guttural vocals with as much energy as if the venue was packed.

I really loved the 100% effort that went into this stream. The chatroom alongside the video feed seemed to be enjoying itself too with a constant list of fans around the world chipping in with approval.

The setlist was, as expected, full-on! Once the band were ready to go after the recording of ‘Sacrament of Emptiness and Despair’ they went full throttle into ‘The All-Destroying‘ and never let up off the gas playing songs from throughout their 23-year history.

Even though it was a live stream and I was watching on my 27” screen drinking cans of beer, I was surprised at how I got into it when music was playing. That energy is infectious! Nodding along to each track and imagining being there getting pummeled by Zack Simmons’ drum beats smacking me in the face! And then the song would come to an end and, in the moments of silence, I’d eagerly await the next song because the reality of sitting on my sofa surrounded by empty beer cans wasn’t what I wanted to be aware of tonight.

Due to my internet being what it is (ie. a bit shit), the video wasn’t too good for me, but the audio was brilliant (which is the most important part). Just wish I could have actually been there, getting covered in sweat and beer, a few elbows to the ribs, I miss all that stuff. But I’ll take live music any way I can get it right now so sitting on my sofa drinking cans is just something I’m gonna have to do and keep my music photography gear on the shelf gathering dust.

About halfway through there was a bit of a break, during which a pre-recorded video with the band talking about how much they miss touring. Which given my slight inebriation and longing for live shows just made me even more annoyed about the ongoing situation.

In all it’s pixelated glory the livestream flew by, with a full 20 tracks being blasted through. The band even added to the experience by doing a prize draw after the show for some lucky viewers to win a bunch of prizes. Nice way to wrap up a great performance and give four lucky fans some reasons to be cheerful!



Sacrament of Emptiness and Despair

The All-Destroying

Chaos Arcane

Baring Teeth For Revolt

Drowned in Grim Rebirth

Collapse in Eternal Worth

Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult

Judgement of the Bleeding Crown

Under the Flesh, Into the Soul

Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed

Carving Out the Eyes of God

Vengeful Ascension


When Steel and Bone Meet

Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos

Decayed Omen Reborn

In Deathless Tradition

Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Flesh

Mankind Will Have No Mercy

To Mourn and Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways

Apocalyptic Havoc