Interview with Colossus

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Interview with Colossus

Von Young – guitars

Interview by Kira Levine

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We caught up with Von Young, guitarist of Illinois death metal trio Colossus to discuss their upcoming debut Degenesis and more. The band features members of Lividity, Cryptic Fog and Cereviscera.

You’re quite a new band, when and how did you all meet?

Von: Hey thanx for taking the time to talk with us. Yes, we are a new band/project. This started as an idea when I began writing material for the last Lividity album. I had a lot of material written they didn’t fit the Lividity format.  Once the songs were complete I recorded the guitars and began seeking out other musicians. I recorded at Iron Hand Studios in Chicago with Dan, who really liked the material and asked me if I would mind if he took a stab at the drumming. I told him what I was looking for, and he knocked it out of the park. Dan knew Steven and got him familiar with the material for bass duties. Both Dan and Steven tackled the vocal duties. I am very pleased with how everything came out!!

Debut album Degenesis will be out on February 5th, via Comatose Music. How would you pitch Colossus’ sound to those who haven’t heard your music yet?

V: It’s different from anything I have done, but very clearly my writing style.  It’s probably closest linked to my guitar work from my old band, Deaden, but as a whole its way more technical, chaotic and just plain crazy, but still has hooks, and grooves that will capture attention.

Who is responsible for the Degenesis cover artwork? Is it the same person who designed your band logo?

V: Jesus Lyhsta – who goes by “The Rotted Artist” – created the cover. It was work he already had created but we felt it worked with what we were wanting and looking for.
 The logo was done by Christopher Horst.

Would Colossus ever consider playing live, or even a streamed show until it is safe to play concerts physically?


I don’t see a “streamed show”, but I would love to do shows with Colossus. Time will tell. It’s definitely not off the table!!

Are you a part of any other music groups or projects?


Yes! I try to be pretty active. I am in Lividity, I am also working on another project called Between The Killings featuring members of Mortal Decay, Lust of Decay, ex Gorgasm, ex Rupturechrist. I also have a project called Reap that just finished recording as well. More short attention span, hate-fuelled grindcore, hahaha! Dan plays in a band called Berator and Cryptic Fog. Steven has a band called Ceraviscera.

Do you have any creative endeavours or interests outside of music that you would like to discuss?

V: Creatively, I guess just music. I am also a big hunter. That is a big passion of mine.

How would you describe the current death metal scene in Illinois? Are there any other Midwestern bands that you can relate to?

V: I have been a part of this scene in IL since the early 90’s. Impetigo were close to my area. You obviously have legends like Cianide, Broken Hope, Fleshgrind that we were around doing shows with. Gorgasm, Corpsevomit, we did a lot of shows with. Up north in WI you have Jungle Rot and Putrid Pile still holding it down. We are friends with countless bands/musicians in this “local” scene.

Thinking about the rest of the US and worldwide, are there any up-and-coming metal acts that you’d like to recommend?

V: I probably don’t follow as closely as I should anymore. I really dig the following bands, Analepsy, Afterbirth, Abramelin, Goratory.  The last three all put out great albums last year.

Name some old school death metal bands that have had an impact on Colossus or yourself.


Ah where do I begin… obviously your standards, but some of my favorites are Disincarnate, Cynic, Resurrection, Suffocation to name a few.

Do you enjoy listening to any other genres apart from metal?


I absolutely do. I listen to tons of music, Zappa to Tori Amos and everything in between. Not country or rap but anything with quality musicianship for sure I can appreciate.

Imagine you’re stranded on a desert island… what three records would you be stuck there with?

V: Hmmm only three?!?

1. Alice In Chains – Dirt
2. Suffocation – Pierced from Within

3. either Cynic – Focus or Death – Human

Do Colossus have any other exciting plans for the year?


Nothing other than pushing the album currently. I have a few pieces written here and there that could work towards new material. We will see how this is received and go from there for now. See how the virus crap settles and look at the possibility of playing if we can.

Thank you so much! Do you have anything else you want to add?


Thank you for your time and excellent questions. Thanx for the interest in the band. Please check us out. Enjoy and keep it sick!

Colossus’ Degenesis will be released on February 5th via Comastose Music, pre-order it here!


1. Becoming All Forms
2. Iniquitous Macrocosm
3. Abysmal Tectonic Tyrants
4. Malignant Eye of Inexorable Ruin
5. Violent Ichorof Primordial Ascension
6. Spiteful Obliteration of an Obsolete…
7. Degenesis



Colossus is:

Von Young – guitars
Dan Klein – drums, vocals
Steven Chavez – bass, vocals


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