TIWANAKU – James Murphy joins band; Daniel Heiman to guest on upcoming album

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TIWANAKU TIWANAKU welcomes Lead guitarist James Murphy, formerly of Death, Obituary, & Testament. James has joined the band for their debut album “Earth Base One”. He is recording all the solo work on the album. James will also be making special live appearances with the band in 2021/2022 in locations around the globe depending on when things open again. James was already set to be a guest on “Earth Base One” for one song and the timing worked out just right for him to take the spot. The band is scheduled to mix and master the album in mid February and is currently in the studio recording “Earth Base One” for release in mid 2021. “We are all siked to hear what James is going to do. Today he started his journey through all the songs and guitar solos. James and I have been friends for years and we’ve almost played together a couple times. Now we’re finally gonna get the chance.” said vocalist Ed Mowery

In other band news, Vocalist Daniel Heiman will guest on Tiwanaku debut Earth Base One!

Vocalist and master of the pipes, Daniel Heiman, formerly of Lost Horizon and currently of Warrior Path, will be guest appearing on Tiwanaku’s debut album “Earth Base One” on the song “Interdimensionsal”.

In early 2019 Daniel and vocalist Ed Mowery were introduced by Brian “Progcop” Goldsmith. At the time Ed was playing guitar riffs he’d been working on and Brian said “You HAVE to use this on something!”. Already knowing he wasnt’t the right vocalist for the song Ed asked Brian who he knew personally that could do it. Brian played 3 songs when Ed stopped him and asked “Who is THAT?! Lets contact him and see if he is interested.” Brian got the two together and they all agreed that this was a fit. Daniel is currently in the studio recording his vocals to the music for “Interdimensional”.

Tragically and unexpectedly in August of 2019, Brian “Procop” Goldsmith passed away may he rest in peace.

In honor Tiwanaku is dedicating “Earth Base One” and “Interdimensional” to Brian. Brian is known for his kindness, dedication and compassion for music, being one of the good guys, metal radio, his involvement with Crimson Glory, and many other artists across the globe.

“This is your song Brian! I love you brother! I’ll see you Interdimensional!” – Ed

Tiwanaku is:
Ed Mowery – Vocals, Guitar
James Murphy – Lead Guitar
Chris Scales – Bass
Ryan J ONeill – Keyboards
Ryan Hurka – Drums
Liam Hurka – Drums


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