Interview with Saber’s lead guitarist, Joel Domínguez

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Saber’s lead guitarist Joel Domínguez to tell us about how the band started; how was the experience in the studio and what is attributed to the success of this debut album: Without Warning


One of the bands that has caused the most noise since the first day of 2021 has been Saber; The release of their debut album: Without Warning (2021) has put this band in the sights of many fans of the most authentic heavy metal.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, the group had to deal with the loss of its drummer shortly before starting to record, however, in just one week they managed to finish what is undoubtedly one of the most interesting albums of this beginning of year.

In which year was the band was formed and how did you guys get together?

Saber was formed in early 2018 when Steven had just split from his previous band Lethal Night and was looking to start something new. He had seen me and Jesus playing and really liked what he heard and saw potential in us so we were his first pick to work with. Steven called me up and discussed the idea he had for the band and we showed him the material we were working on and the rest is history.

As a band, what is your main goal, where do you aspire to?

Our main goal as a band is to create the type of music we want to hear in the world again. We all love the style of music we play and love hearing how much people love it too. It gives us a drive knowing there are still tons of people out there that really appreciate this genre of music and as long as there are people willing to listen, we will keep making music.

How is Saber’s current lineup made up, is it the same one that recorded the single Speed Racer?

Saber’s current lineup consists of Steven Villa on vocals, Joel Dominguez on lead guitar, Jesus Delgado on rhythm guitar and David Sanchez on bass guitar. And yes this is the same lineup that wrote and recorded Speed Racer.

How did you come into contact with Trevor William Church and what role has he played in the development of the band?

Steven actually decided to reach out to Trevor because we knew he recorded his own material and we needed someone to record and produce what we had written. We are fans of his work so it was a no brainer to choose him to record us. We were fortunate enough that he actually really liked our songs and decided to put his time and effort into what we were doing. Trevor has really helped this band grow by teaching us the importance of songwriting and dealing with the business side of being a musician because as we all know, this isn’t the 80’s, our genre of music isn’t as popular as what it was.

Is it the same Trevor who played drums on your album? Why did you make that decision, didn’t you find any drummer for the band?

Yes it is the same Trevor who played on our album “Without Warning”. We did have a drummer and he was ready and willing to go to Trevor’s studio to go record but then Covid struck and he was against leaving his home to risk catching the disease. Which we held nothing against him for and we decided to part ways and just have Trevor record the drums for the record. In the end the album came out amazing and we don’t regret a thing.

Why did you choose the name Saber, don’t you mind that there are other bands with the same name?

I actually came up with a list of band names and showed the guys, Saber was just the one that struck everyone so we went with that one. There are thousands of bands out there, and a lot of them share the same name. We looked and made sure that any other band named “Saber” was not active so we could freely use the name. So no we don’t really mind that there’s other bands with the same or similar name.


Your album has gotten a very positive response in just a few days of its release, what do you attribute this success to?

We appreciate every single fan that has given us positive feedback and thank them. We think people really like our music because we’ve taken the time to work on our music and are confident in what we write. We pour our emotions into every note strummed and every line sung. Fans know when the music you write comes from the heart.

For us, you play traditional heavy, is it a style that you seek by default or is it something that comes out spontaneously?

I can honestly say that this genre is just what we naturally gravitate to because we are all fans of 80’s hard rock and heavy metal. So anything we write just comes out like that unconsciously haha.

How has your promotion strategy been? I mean, you didn’t just upload the album on Bandcamp, but you released a teaser and a video clip. How did you put together all that promotion plan?

When it comes to promoting, Steven always has a plan and everyone in the band follows his lead because he always has great ideas for stuff like that. Before we went to record the album, Steven set up a photoshoot to promote that we were on our way to record. As soon as we finished recording the record he already had the setting for the music video and how he strategically wanted to drop teasers here and there, so he pretty much had his finger on the pulse on how he wanted to present the album to the world.

How was the recording process for the album, did you have any difficulties or did everything flow smoothly?

Recording the album was very fun! We were prepared when we stepped into the studio with Trevor because he guided us through the pre production of the record and had us rehearse the songs so much until we got sick of them haha. Trevor had already recorded the drums before we even got there so the hardest part of recording was already done. We finished recording the record in a little over a week, including the time Trevor took to record the drums.

Your album contains the three songs that you previously released, were you able to record more songs that were not on the album?

Actually it only has two songs that we’ve previously released. And no we didn’t record any other tracks other than the ones that are on the album. Trevor is a very busy man so we only had time to record the songs on the album that was it.

How many copies will you release in cassette format and how many in CD format; how has the pre-sale process been going, do you think stocks will run out?

We have a pre-order currently going on, so whatever amount that people order is what is being made for both cassette tapes and CD’s. So far it’s going great! Our fans are really supportive and once the pre-order went live they placed multiple orders.

For ten years there has been talk of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, however, very few bands have managed to play on the big stages, what do you need to make that leap to the big leagues?

Of course you gotta have awesome music that the masses will love. All the big bands not only have multiple great records but each record has multiple hits on there. It all comes down to being a good songwriter in my opinion because when I hear a great song, I can have on repeat for hours.

Considering that nowadays it is not possible to go on tour, what are your plans to promote this debut album this year?

Positive reviews and interviews like these really do help since we can’t tour, let alone play a live show. We have a couple more ideas that we will be doing in the near future to promote this record so stay tuned, we promise they’re gonna be great!

Congratulations and thanks for your time! Do you have any final words for all the Latin American metalheads?

Of course! And thank you for taking the time to interview us. Everyone in the band greatly appreciates that we have fans from Latin America as we all in the band are of hispanic descent. Thank you all for supporting us and make sure to head on over and pre order your merch and follow us on all our social media pages to stay up to date with what the band is doing!


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