Unredeemer – 4-19-23 EP

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Review Date: January 2021
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: RC2000

Unredeemer is a relatively new band from Finland, and they’ve released their 4-song EP called 4-19-23. Vocalist Saša Pul hails from Croatia and joined the band after moving to Finland.

After a brief intro, “Defiance” kicks in and right away you can tell that this is not your typical melodeath formula. The vocals are low and dark but the guitar riffs incorporate a lot of power/heavy metal chops. It’s a combination I haven’t heard a lot and it really works. There’s plenty of thrash sprinkled in throughout the EP, along with some blastbeats to keep the aggression factor up. These guys sound like a pretty tight unit despite being a fairly new group.

The verse breakdown and guitar harmonies in the title track “4-19-23” (which definitely is NOT a reference to a calendar date, by the way) reminded me of Hypocrisy’s “Scrutinized” for some reason. “Underdog” and “Deadrionette” have lots of Lamb of God-type attitude, and Saša Pul sounds a lot like the low register of Randy Blythe with some Dez Fafara mixed in.

This EP sounds fresh and aggressive, and I think Unredeemer are well on their way to being contenders. Four of five more songs like these and they’d have a solid debut album. Highly recommended for fans of darkened thrash and melodeath.


Track Listing:

01. Defiance
02. 4-19-23
03. Underdog
04. Deadrionette


Pekka Paasikivi – Guitar
Mika Nisu Niskaala – Guitar
Jari Parkkinen – Bass
Tuomo Ijäs – Drums
Saša Pul – Vocals