Spellmaster – Unearthed Arcana

spellmaster coverReviewed: January, 2020
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

At the end of November the debut album of Spellmaster came out, a trio that tries to sail with the flag of power metal and the new wave of traditional heavy. Their efforts made them create three characters: Gwydion the Bearded, Molasar of Morgutar and oOdo the Unwyse; without specifying the instruments they play. Even though the drive to create a whole concept is noticeable, musically they fall very short compared to all the paraphernalia they weave around their band.

We can point to the use of synthesizers as one of the most outstanding aspects of his music, although these are only some sparks sprinkled in his compositions and not the constant in his songs. The intro of “Animate Dead” surprises with its first sounds, which are barely repeated in some parts despite being the main hook of the whole song. “Cause Light Wounds” and “Dimension Door” are other cases where they start with an interesting melody, but it is insufficient to give life to the whole piece.

It is in these elements where his main area of opportunity rests because, even without resorting to the speed and melody that characterizes power metal, Spellmaster is capable of creating interesting passages with his own resources, as in the second half of “Death Spell”. From there on out it is difficult to listen to this band and think that we are dealing with a traditional heavy metal or power metal group.

Beyond the labels, the album is very well done. His production reaches professional levels, again demonstrating the enormous level that exists in the American underground scene. “Sleep” may be the perfect example of how this band can soar to heavenly heights. If you like lethargic power metal, lacking speed and little melody, you will surely like this band. If you like other power metal, maybe you shouldn’t be fooled by the cover of this album.



Gwydion the Bearded
Molasar of Morgutar
oOdo the Unwyse


1. Death Spell
2. Animate Dead
3. Fireball
4. Cause Light Wounds
5. Sleep
6. Dimension Door
7. Cone of Cold
8. Stinking Cloud



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