Royal Orphan – Royal Orphan (6 song debut E. P.)

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royal orphan

Reviewed: December, 2020
Released: 2018, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Royal Orphan is a duo formed by Joey Migz on drums and Brendan Kelly as the multi-instrumentalist man, as he is in charge of bass, guitar and vocals. Originally from Long Island, New York, this project is one more example that the traditional concept of a band is worn out and that it is not necessary to be subordinate to a group of musicians in order to carry out a musical project. In 2018 they released a self-titled EP with six pieces, which for some reason they are trying to revive in the media with the nickname: 6 SONG DEBUT E. P.

Although the press releases cast their media hook by hoisting this band alongside Iron Maiden or Queensrÿche, the truth is that this group has a very different and more peculiar sound. The voice has nothing to do with the two previously mentioned, without this meaning that its timbre is poor. Works perfectly for Royal Orphan songs; Brendan Kelly found his style and was able to exploit it favorably.

The songs are very melodic, although the halftones end up submerging them in lethargic passages; “Lights, Camera, Nothing” is a good example; even when sometimes a double pedal sounds, it is difficult to differentiate the verses of the chorus, since everything seems to navigate without tension in its structure.

This characteristic at the same time becomes a quality; there are songs like “Citizens of Nowhereville” where this lack of speed deepens his compositions. Here we must also highlight the mix and production. We listen to effects in the voice and choral voices very well mixed, which allow us to appreciate the piece with greater brilliance; something that happens throughout the album, not just here.

Currently the group announced that it has a new member: Dan Kelleher on bass, and they are already preparing their debut album. Hopefully it won’t be long to hear his new work so we don’t have to dig up an EP released two years ago. After all, they have already shown that you don’t have to wait to have all the members to be able to release something of quality.


royal orphan band

1. In Requiem
2. Lost in Time
3. Lights, Camera, Nothing
4. Citizens of Nowhereville
5. Fondest Wish
6. Bought and Sold

Brendan Kelly – Vocals, Guitars
Joey Migz – Drums
Dan Kelleher – Bass