Malamorte – God Needs Evil

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Malamorte – God Needs Evil

Reviewed: January 2021
Released: 2021, Moribund Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Rossy Maguire

MALAMORTE is the new band of Italian scene legend of Alessandro Nunziati and was born in 2009. Fans of Italian metal will recognize Alessandro’s name; this is a man full of talent and dark creativity! He’s a well-known musician, record producer, and author, probably best known by the stage name Lord Vampyr (or L.V.).

While initially made famous as the former vocalist and a founding member of Theatres des Vampires, L.V. has been for all intents and purposes a solo artist since 2004. His prior bands, such as Cain, Lord Vampyr, Nailed God, Shadowsreign, and many others have led him even further down the occult paths, towards the sinister heavy metal realm of MALAMORTE!

With influences from King Diamond, Judas Priest, Death SS, Iron Maiden, and old Black Sabbath, MALAMORTE are ready to unleash their massive fifth album “God Needs Evil”. Featuring 9 tracks of True Heavy Metal / Occult Rock splendor, MALAMORTE is poised to take the entire metal world by storm!

This new album opens with The Demons That Devour Your Soul. Starting is an old, war-time like broadcast to set the scene and atmosphere for what to expect in the album. All of a sudden, L.V. brings in the instrumentals comprised of guitar and drums to bring in the metal elements of the song. I often found myself thinking of a Judas Priest vibe, which makes sense given that is one of Malamorte’s influences for this album. This created a great introduction to the album.

Leading on from this song is The Sinner and Psycho Priest. Both songs were great in their own right with decent rhythmic sections and powerful instrumentals. However, the twenty-second build-up to the guitar solo in Psycho Priest caught my attention and I was immediately thrown into L.V.’s talent of combining all these metal elements into a well-produced song.

The longest song, After The Apocalypse, takes a slightly different approach as the intro comprises of a melodic guitar riff backed by soft vocals. This in turn creates a slower start to the song, but this changes around 4:25 where the tempo picks up and a feeling of thrash metal are present. Also, the outro of the song takes inspiration from the intro to slow the pace down and conclude in a calmer tone.

One of my favourite songs from the album was They Shall See The Truth. The reason for this was that I felt the influences of old school heavy metal came to life. The instrumentals reflected that of British Heavy Metal, predominately Judas Priest, but the vocals had a Metallica-esque tone to them. Also, the effect of the double kick on the drums accompanying various guitar sections was a welcome listen. As one of my favourite bands growing up was Metallica, I felt their style and prowess were heavily present in this song.

Concluding the album is God Needs Evil. This song is almost symmetrical to The Demons That Devour Your Soul in that powerful non-instrumental sounds are used to create the atmosphere i.e. an air raid siren blaring with helicopter/emergency services accompanying this. This is met with a distinct sound of an explosion to introduce the guitar and drums and kickstart the song. The song ends with an explosion and people screaming, emphasising that God, in fact, Needs Evil and finishing this epic album.



1. The Demons That Devour Your Soul (4:30)
2. The Sinner (4:43)
3. Psycho Priest (4:08)
4. After the Apocalypse (6:41)
5. They Shall See the Truth (4:47)
6. A Daemon Dressed by Angel (5:22)
7. Morbid Temptation (6:20)
8. Suicide Forest (Jukai) (3:46)
9. God Needs Evil (5:30)

Band line-up:

ALEX NUNZIATI (L.V.) – Vocals, guitars, keyboards
SK – Guitars, bass, programming


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