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Reviewed: 27.12.2020
January 8th, 2021
Iron Oxide Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Dennis

It is not my everyday business to review a record that is, literally, the first of a brand-new record label.
Said label is Bart Gabriel’s (Gabriel Management, Skol Records, producer, manager etc) Iron Oxide Records. Konquest is a brand-new band hailing from Prato, Italy. Formed in 2019 by multi-instrumentalist Alex Rossi to play heavy metal in the way of bands like Visigoth and Eternal Champion but with glimpses of both Iron Maiden (THEME OF THE KONQUEROR) and Thin Lizzy (THE NIGHT GOES ON).Music like this usually hails from the United States (at least nowadays) but it seems like Italy has a key say in this matter.
Alex’ voice is a bit more rough than you would guess when you look at bands he seems to reference quite strongly but this nevertheless works just fine for the compositions and overall sound (this does not sound like a one-man show). It seems this record has no downside to be honest, it is a more than decent debut outing for a new band and it does what it shall: it feeds the fire and makes you want more! No faves this time, THE NIGHT GOES ON is a record that is best listened to in full.


Line up:

Alex Rossi – all music

Track listing:

1. Theme Of The Konqueror
2. The Night Goes On
3. Too Late
4. Keep Me Alive
5. Fall Of The Konqueror
6. Helding Back The Tears
7. Heavy Heart
8. The Vision