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Reviewed: 29.12.2020
Released: 2020, self-released
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Dennis

Kill City is another great example for hard rocking classic style Heavy Metal from South America. Kill City hail from Equador, a Country with 269 339 residents as of 2020. Equador is the country of Cuisine like: Arroz con menestra y carne asada (rice with beans and grilled beef) and, believe it or not, the leading producer of bananas, mango and passion fruit.

Aside from all that South America is well known for producing passionate artists like Sepultura, Raijin, Sarcofago, Angra,Torture Squad or Nervosa. All those bands and their respective fanbases display an attitude and love for the hard hitting genres and subgenres that can’t be found in just about every country. Kill City play a style that sounds very old-school and , in parts, quite American (US Metal to be precise when it comes to genre borders).

Vocalist Chemel Neme sounds like he does an air raid siren before breakfast (Kick-ass 80’s rock voice), Xavier Diab and Juan Iturralde share six-string duty and do a fine job at steering the narrative straight forward with killer riffs and fine hooks. Andres Miranda (Bass) and Luis Neme (Drums) share pacemaking responsibilities, directing the whole endeavour (it would be dope to give Miranda a bit more time in the spotlight with more audibility).

The guys in Kill City even have two songs in their native tongue on this fine output (EMPEZAR DE NUEVO and SIGUE LA VOZ). My faves of LAST MAN STANDING are: WHEN THE SHOW IS OVER (a catchy rock ballad) and GREY. Check this out it is innocent, melodic fun!



Track listing:

1. Paradoxical Dream
2. Wake Up
3. Countdown
4. Against Myself
5. When The Show Is Over
6. Grey
7. Believe Me
8. Empezar De Nuevo
9. Follow Your Heart
10. Last Man Standing

Bonus Track
11. Sigue La Voz

Line up:

Chemel Neme – Vocals
Andres Miranda – Bass
Luis Neme – Drums
Xavier Diab – Guitar
Juan Iturralde – Guitar



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