Hell Riders – First Race

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hell riders coverReviewed: Jan. 2020
Released: 2019, Volcano Records
Rating: 3 of 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Hell Riders is a novel group born in 2017. Their history is curious because, with just a few demos, they achieved a record contract for the release of their debut album: First Race, which was released in 2019, a raw and direct work by heavy metal with some details that make us think about the risk of stereotypes, but also about its virtues to keep the flame of classic heavy metal alive.

For example, “Turbolizer” is one of those songs that should no longer exist, at least for composers who have spent their entire lives listening to heavy metal. I mean, they use one of the most hackneyed riffs in the history of the genre, why walk the same path? At this point in history it is completely sterile to add one more drop to the immense sea of songs that sound exactly the same as one another. Beyond the whim for writing the song, these types of pieces only work for an audience eager to hear the same thing over and over again.

“Soldiers of Steel” is the other side of the coin. Although they use the triplet (another of the most hackneyed resources of the genre), its progression is interesting; they managed to compose a completely classic piece, which drinks from the old school, but without falling into creative aridity. His lyrics are also striking, reminiscent of those of Puño de Hierro (the Mexican Christian metal band) for their praise of a supreme being, without damaging or staining their musical power in the least.

The production of the album is very rustic, which becomes a quality when the composition is profitable, as in the already mentioned “Soldiers of Steel” or even in other songs like “Aviator”; but there are other songs like “Ghost Rider” where that production works against them and shows a band with limited technical resources. Hell Riders is undoubtedly a band of enormous contrasts, perhaps the enormous rotation of musicians is the explanation for this condition.



1. Turbolizer
2. Ghost Rider
3. Soldier of Steel
4. Dragon Power
5. Mechanics Armada
6. Destination Mankind
7. Queen of Death
8. Aviator
9. B.T.K.
10. Beyond Death


Caty Van Alchemy – Bass
Jimmy Dirt – Drums
Richard Crowley – Guitars
Luke Mad Manta – Guitars
Dave Jolly – Vocals




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