Eternal Idol – Renaissance

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Reviewed: January, 2021

Released: November 2020 Frontiers Records

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer:  Theron Moore

Symphonic metallers Eternal Idol recently released their new record, “Renaissance,” November 6thvia Frontiers Records.  “Renaissance”isn’t a record, it’s a Stephen Spielberg movie, at least that’s what it sounds like listening to it.  “Renaissance” is composed of three key components: Vocals, music, and lyrical content.

What makes this record interesting, what takes it to the next level, are the twin lead vocals by Fabio Lione and Claudia Layline who might be as comfortable on an opera stage or performing live theater as they do fronting Eternal Idol. The sheer magnitude and range each has in his or her voice is staggering.

Both Lione and Layline are flawless more often than not, entrancing.  Their vocal delivery is to be heard to be believed, and I don’t say that lightly.  The depth and texture both singers bring to Eternal Idol takes “Renaissance” into the stratosphere and beyond, a feat that isn’t easy but possible by how great the band is.

Nick Savio’s guitar playing is pure metal mastery while Enrico Fabris, Eternal Idol’s drummer, and Andrea Buratto, the band’s bass player create a massive wall of sound that easily switches up between Eternal Idol’s heavier, more metallic side and their roots in melody and harmony that comprise the meat of what is “Renaissance.”

Standout tracks include the semi-gothic sounding, “Into the Darkness,” the sensual embrace of “Dark Eclipse,” the heavier “Without Fear,” and the lovelorn of “Not the Same.”  You feel these songs, you connect with them because the band sells it so well, especially through the singers.  Everything about this record musically feels organic and genuine, not forced.  The chemistry of all the band members on this record is off the charts and fierce; Fabris, Savio and Buratto play with the intensity of a thousand suns.

If you’re into a heavy style of metal that leans firmly into the symphonic genre, Eternal Idol will appeal to you. “Renaissance” is, hands down, the best symphonic metal record of 2020, a must buy.

Track Listing: 

  1. Into the Darkness
  2. Black Star
  3. Dark Eclipse
  4. Without Fear
  5. Away from Heaven
  6. Not the Same
  7. The Edge
  8. Flying Over You
  9. Lord without Soul
  10. Renaissance

Line up:

Fabio Lione (Vocals)

Nick Savio Guitars (Keyboards)

Claudia Layline (Vocals)

Enrico Fabris (Drums)

Andrea Buratto (Bass)


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