Eoront – Gods Have No Home

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Reviewed: January, 1, 2021
Released: November 6, 2020 Drevo Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

I first heard Siberia’s Eoront back in the summer of 2017 when I ran across their sophomore release, ANOTHER REALM. They play a melodic, atmospheric black metal with some rather tasteful folk elements thrown in. That release caught my attention and made me an instant fan. When I discovered they had released a follow up, I had to track it down. Would they be able to continue the momentum created on their previous release; that album set the bar rather high. GODS HAVE NO HOME was released to the world and what we have here is not only a continuation of what was started on it’s predecessor, they created another album that just sets the bar even higher for Siberia’s best kept secret!

Once again, Eoront have created an atmosphere that makes them unique among their peers; they combine melodic black metal with epic metal and add some folk elements to add an extra dimension to their music. They also do it without heavy reliance on keyboards or orchestration. Instead the riffs create the melody as well as the aggression. They use strings and flutes when they add the folk elements. Midway through the albums opener, “The Forlorn Land,” they use some keys for orchestration but it just adds to the atmosphere. You also get an epic feel from this and each subsequent song on the album. The track lengths on all but an instrumental are over seven minutes long. All of the lyrics of this album, with the exception of the title track, are by Ukrainian-born poet Maximillian Voloshin and are in Urkranian. “Wormwood” is a song that sets that exact atmosphere. It starts off heavy and flows to a more folk metal direction with some acoustic guitars and flute added to the mix. It has an epic feel, as do each song on this album, and that adds another layer to what we are hearing.

As we move along through this musical journey you have moments like “The Hermit” where you actually feel the emotion and atmosphere from the music, enough to give you goosebumps. On this, they do use some keys for orchestration and chorus effects but it just makes the song even more epic and perfect….brilliantly executed. This song is everything that makes this band so special, how each part flows to the next adding more layers as it goes. This album does the same thing. Each song an integral part of the whole but each song could also stand on its own. Each song an epic masterpiece unto themselves, together they form this beautiful piece of music. For example, on the title track, you’ll hear how the beauty of the harp goes so perfectly with the blasts….beauty and aggression creating the atmosphere. And the production is so clean, you hear each instrument crisp and clear. Clocking in at just over ten and a half minutes this song has so many layers and dimensions, even where it slows completely to all you hear is a lone guitar playing tremolos with a harp then it comes back at you in epic glory. And if that is not enough, the album closes with another ten plus minute epic, “The Midday Herbs.”

I knew back when I first heard this band that they were something special. Their brand of epic melodic black metal is created with the highest of standards, you can hear that from the very first notes of GODS HAVE NO HOME. Each song meticulously created to invoke so many emotions….that is what atmospheric black metal is all about. This is a serious album by a serious band. They may be Siberia’s best kept secret but I doubt if that secret will be kept for long. This album is essential.


Line Up:

Foltath Eternum: Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Eugene: Bass
Ephemiral Gorth: Drums

Track Listing:
1. The Forlorn Land
2. Wormwood
3. The Hermit
4. The Bonfire of Times
5. Gods Have No Home
6. The Midday Herbs

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