Abyssal Frost – Antarsia

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Review Date: January 2021
Released: 2020, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: RC2000

From Atlanta, Georgia (with roots in the North Carolina death metal scene) comes the independently-released EP from Abyssal Frost entitled ANTARSIA. Their Bandcamp page has the description “A voyage of doom and terror set sail into the Abyss…” which is represented well by the cover artwork.

After a brief intro the band dives right in to what you could call ‘no nonsense’ death metal with “The Orphan”. The lyrics tell the chilling story of soul born into a bleak future. I especially liked the lines “The hard caress of loneliness… The mother’s milk of hopelessness”. The next two tracks “The Chronos” and “The Surgeon” are equally grim tales, and come in at a little over three minutes each. No nonsense, right-to-the-point death metal for your enjoyment.

The pace slows a bit with “The Mutiny”, and the band does a good job writing a catchy, complex song. The same goes for “The Cannibal” – the EP’s 8-minute plus closer. Overall the production is very good and gives the band a slightly blackened sound.

Abyssal Frost have shown that they have the chops (and the endurance) to play some punishing death metal. It will be interesting to watch the band develop, and hopefully there will be some full-length recordings in the future. Recommended for fans of death metal.


Track Listing:

1. The Abyss
2. The Orphan
3. The Chronos
4. The Surgeon
5. The Mutiny
6. The Cannibal


Sheldon Smith – Voices
Scott Shelton – Measures
Kenan Kerr – Compositions
John Stone- Fables