Moonskin-Lycanthropy (single)

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Reviewed: January, 2021

Released: 2020, independent

Rating: 1/5

Reviewer: Dennis

I should have been on full alarm the moment I read: Dark Symphonic Melodic Black/Death Metal. The HIM cover is pretty awful to be honest because the vocals provided do not fit to the original material and the attempt at trying manages to be worse than HIM’s music itself. The single track “Lycanthropy” is kinda cool to be honest, the vocals fit to the composition and no one does a thing outside his skillset.

Don’t get me wrong this is not bad musicianship but “Soul on Fire” is a song that is based on Ville Valo’s distinct vocals and as such can only fail when interpreted by a vocalist whose job is basically screaming his lungs out. Aside from that the namesake single is pretty decent and will find fans among the Melodic Black Metal genre.



Track listing:

1. Lycanthropy

2. Soul on Fire (HIM cover)

Line up:

Drums / Hitime Sombyltomas

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals / Alky Roopeh

Vocals, Guitar / Kris Mustree

Bass / Kai Predatore

Keyboard, Sampling / Andurs KeianoBord