Lords of Black – Alchemy of the Souls Pt. I

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Reviewed: January, 2021

Released: November 2020, Frontiers Records

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer:  Theron Moore

Lords of Black make their triumphant return with their fourth studio record, “Alchemy of Souls Pt. I,” released November 6thvia Italian label Frontiers Records and what a headbanger this is.  Founding member and vocalist Ronnie Romero left Lords of Black in 2019 but returned earlier this year in time to wrap production on this record.

It’s hard to imagine a Lords of Black record without Romero’s voice which is melodic perfection on “Alchemy of the Souls Pt. I,” bringing with it a controlled power that when unleashed, as on track1 “Dying to Live Again” and track 5 “Brightest Star” is a wrecking ball of soulful intensity reminiscent of Jeff Scott Soto and especially the great Robin McCauley.  Romero, as you may recall, was the vocalist in Blackmore’s more recent reunion lineup of Rainbow. Romero has this amazing ability to channel the spirit of the late great Ronnie James Dio effortlessly while still retaining his own identity and not taking anything away from the true sound of Lords of Black.  Track 6, “Closer to Your Fall,” is a great example of this.

“Alchemy of Souls Pt. I”is a tour de force of melodic power metal riding that fine line of heaviness and harmony and making it work throughout.  Track 7, “Shadows Kill Twice,” evokes a mood that brings me back to the late 80’s when Savatage was doing Gutter Ballet and all was right with the world.  Lords of Black demonstrate right from the start of this record that they understand this genre inside and out and as a testament to how great this band and album are, as many bands and artists I’ve mentioned in this review, they merely shine in as influences and nothing more, Lords of Black emerge as their own identity with a sound that is no one but them.

“Alchemy of Souls Pt. I” is Lords of Black best and most refined record to date, showing growth and maturity from songwriting to sound.  The band as a whole on this disc has chemistry for days and that element comes through strong and clear.  All in all, “Alchemy of Souls Pt. I” is a must buy and the best melodic power metal record of 2020.

Track Listing: 

  1. Dying to Live Again
  2. Into the Black
  3. Deliverance Lost
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Brightest Star
  6. Closer to Your Fall
  7. Shadows Kill Twice
  8. Disease in Disguise
  9. Tides of Blood
  10. Alchemy of Souls
  11. You Came to Me (Piano Version)

Line up:

Ronnie Romero (Vocals)

Tony Hernando (Guitars)

Dani Criado (Bass)

Jo Nunez (Drums)

Buy Alchemy of Souls here: www.lordsofblack.com/

Official Lords of Black website: www.lordsofblack.com/