Iron Mask – Master of Masters

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Reviewed: January, 2021

Released: December 2020, Fighter Records

Rating: 2/5

Reviewer:  Theron Moore

Iron Mask released their newest rocker, “Master of Masters,” December 12thvia AFM Records and it’s not bad but it’s not impressive either.  If I could use an American football analogy here, “Master of Masters” is the Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys quarterback) of records.  In other words, it has its moments but never never breaks out of being mid-level good.

Let me give you an example.  Track 5, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” has the potential to tear the roof off and really melt your face but instead gets bogged down in what I can only describe as this distracting Dragonforce meets Yngwie Malmsteen breakdown.  I want power metal, not a battle of the bands and everyone’s strange fascination with Dragonforce really needs to stop. Let that band be that band. I want to hear Iron Mask, and I got that with the first song, “Never Kiss the Ring,” which delivered hard. That one made me want to don some chainmail and smite a few level 1-foot soldiers.  The harmony was good, the intensity was present, and the lyrics kicked ass.

Track 2, “Tree of the World,” was the perfect follow-up to “Never Kiss the Ring.”  Power, intensity and heart.  That’s what I’m looking for with Iron Mask.  But songs like “Revolution Rise” and “One Against All” “Wild and Lethal” just missed the mark completely.  Power metal?  No.  Bad metal. Especially the 80’s inspired but completely befuddled “Wild and Lethal” which almost became a parody of itself midway through.  There’s a fine line bands tread when they enter the realm of power metal, especially power metal that’s fantasy themed.  If you go to far you just sound cartoony and that’s the case with track 8 “Mists of Lochness,” a little dittie about Nessie, if you know who or what that is.

I could keep going here but why? You get the idea.  At best “Master of Masters” is hit and miss.  It rocks with the first two songs and track six “Dance with the Beast.”  Beyond that it’s hard to take.  Obviously if you’re an Iron Mask fan you’ll like this record.  If you’re looking for real power metal like Glacier, Thrust or Sacred Leather, you’re in the wrong place.

Track Listing: 

  1. Never Kiss the Ring
  2. Tree of the World
  3. Revolution Rise
  4. One Against All
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever
  6. Dance with the Beast
  7. Wild and Lethal
  8. Mists of Lochness
  9. My One and Only
  10. A Mother Loved Blue
  11. Sagittarius A
  12. Master of Masters

Line up:

Dushan Petrossi (Guitar)

Vasily Moltchanov (Bass)

Mike Slembrouck (Lead Vocalist)

Ramy ali (Drums)

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