Airborn – Lizard Secrets:  Part Two – Age of Wonder

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Reviewed: January, 2021
Released: 2020, Fighter Records
Rating:  2 of 5
Reviewer: Theron Moore

Airborn’s “Lizard Secrets:  Part Two – Age of Wonder” is the second installment in a trilogy of records about reptilian aliens and their deep dark secrets, released December 12thvia Fighter Records. Airborn falls into that special category of band that occupies rarified air shared by Amaranthe and Victorius – think “Space Ninjas from Hell.”  I’ve never had a problem with bands that lock into a vision and write records around it, hats off to you for sure, even conceptual records with fantasy / sci-fi themes but there’s a fine line you walk that separates genius and cheese and unfortunately “Lizard Secrets: Part Two – Age of Wonder” is at best, exquisite cheese.

From a sonic perspective I dig Airborn’s version of power metal, it works, in fact that’s what confounds me with “Lizard Secrets:  Part Two – Age of Wonder.”  The music is stellar, it’s the lyrical content that’s problematic.  If there’s a story Airborn wants to tell regarding reptilian aliens and the secrets they have, why not go the route other bands an artists have taken, namely Corey Taylor, My Chemical Romance and Coheed and Cambria and write a graphic novel?

Airborn’s style of power metal has deep roots in harmony and melody versus something heavier and grittier, like Thrust’s recently released “The Helm of Awe” or Glacier’s “The Passing of Time.”  For the most part, “Lizard Secrets: Part Two – Age of Wonder” is upbeat, poppy metal which I’m sure will appeal to the fanbase of Amaranthe, Victorius, and Dragonforce but will be lost on pretty much everyone else.  The record lacks teeth and bite.

So, buy or not to buy?  That depends.  If you’re into the aforementioned bands I’ve compared Airborn to, you’ll connect with “Lizard Secrets:  Part Two – Age of Wonder.”  If power metal to you is something a little more substantial regarding substance and heaviness, avoid Airborn at all cost, their music will just be lost on you.

Track Listing: 

  1. Soultraveller
  2. Edge of Disaster
  3. Golden Rules
  4. Follow the Leader
  5. Speed of Life
  6. Condemned to Believe
  7. Age of Wonder
  8. Troubles
  9. Scarecrow Days
  10. Star a Star

Line up:

Alessio Perardi (Vocals, guitars)

Roberto Capucchio (Guitars)

Domenico Buratti (Bass)

Roberto Gaia (Drums)


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