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Interview with Olli Laine (Drummer) and Teppo Tirkkonen (Vocalist) of CORROSIUM

Interview by Kat Knite

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Bombastic metal band Corrosium from Kytäjä, Finland, have recently released their new EP Undertow through Inverse Records. Check out what they had to say about this and more in the interview down below!



Congratulations on the release of Undertow! How did the process of this EP differ from that of your debut?

OL: This time around we composed the songs specifically for Corrosium and this EP in mind, whereas the debut album consisted of songs from written way back when, before the band even existed. The songs fit together better on this release.

TT: The debut album was in the making for several years and songs weren’t written for any specific band. We recorded the tracks and then we decided. This EP is the first release completely designed for this band.

What was the best part of writing and recording the new EP? What was the most difficult?

OL: The best part for me was seeing and hearing the demos evolve into the pieces they are today. They went through a lot of iteration until we were happy with them. This also was the most difficult thing because it took a long time to reach the point where we were happy with the songs.

TT: Writing music is always very pleasant and especially producing it to the maximum.  The hardest thing on this EP was probably scheduling. Although we had a lot of time, synchronizing schedules became the most difficult task.

How does the songwriting work within the band?

OL: I usually compose the rough demos from which we pick and choose the best songs. Sometimes we combine demos to make one great song, sometimes they end up on the record almost as they were originally written. I’m mostly responsible for the lyrics also. 

TT: The pre-production is done with whoever wants to participate. After that, the producer takes the lead and we start to polish it to the maximum.

In your time together as a band, what challenges have you faced and how have you grown individually and together?

TT: Might be a cliche to say that everything has been going smoothly with the band, the chemistry works and there are no personal issues. Of course, years have gone by and we all have gotten older and wiser.

How would you describe “bombastic metal” to someone who has never heard of it?

OL: Imagine driving a freight train 90mph in the northern lights.

Who were your biggest influences when it came to creating the sound you play today?

OL: I honestly can’t say one particular influence. I listen to all kinds of music, so I guess my subconscious combines different aspects and they translate through me to the music.


What is the metal scene like in Kytäjä? 

OL: It’s a small village, and I think we’re the only band. So we rule the metal scene in Kytäjä.

What is your favourite song to perform and why?

OL: Probably Undertow. There’s more to play in that one.

TT: From our debut album “Butterfly Effect” or “Stars”. Those tracks work very nice live and really hit the spot every time. 

When the pandemic is over and you can tour again, where do you most look forward to playing? Where would your dream show take place and why?

OL: I really don’t care that much where we play, as long as we get to play shows. At the moment, my dream, or goal, is to play at the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki, Finland. That venue has such a long history so it would be an absolute joy and privilege to play there.

I know local music scenes around the globe are currently suffering similar consequences of the pandemic. How is your local music scene in Finland being affected? Is there anything new and innovative artists are doing to get through the lack of in-person events?

OL: Our music scene is as devastated as anywhere else. Basically all gigs are either postponed or outright cancelled. People are really missing going to shows. Bands are doing live stuff on Facebook or streaming a live performance at a venue.  

Although these are tough and unprecedented days, are you finding any peace in the extra alone-time that you have? Have you been able to write new material or has the absence of normal life caused a creative curb? Have you started thinking about another future project yet?

OL: I’m constantly writing so the pandemic hasn’t really changed my creativeness. New Corrosium songs are already in the making.

Who are the top 3 people you would most like to collaborate with?

OL: These will obviously never EVER happen, but one can dream, right?
1. Tuomas Holopainen / Nightwish
2. Corey Taylor / Slipknot
3. James Hetfield / Metallica


If I were to visit Finland, what venue would you suggest I visit for a show?

OL: Tavastia Club in Helsinki. That place is legendary.

TT: Tavastia is a legend. Also Semifinal where underground bands tend to perform, you can really catch some amazing performances there.

Aside from being musicians, do you have other jobs? Do you have any other creative outlets?

OL: Since we’re not quite yet touring the world, a job outside music is an unfortunate necessity. 

TT: I have several other musical productions I am involved with, so that obviously consumes some time. Still, a day job is still a necessity.

Thank you for your time, and once again congrats on Undertow. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

OL: Please check out our music & videos and hope we get to play for you live in the near future.