Nacarbide – Bass player Hassy

Bassist Hassy – Nacarbide

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

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It’s not every day we read and hear about metal acts from Thailand but here’s one: Nacarbide, playing power/heavy metal. The band’s second album, IRON LOTUS, came out earlier this year (2020) and if you’re into acts like Firewind and Wardrum but with a female vocals, then this might be right up your alley. The majority of the songs on the album originally came from the EP RESOLUTION which came out 2017.

I had the pleasure of speaking bass player Hassy and talked about a bunch of things such as the band’s independent releases, his thoughts regarding record labels, and why they chose to re-release the songs from their EP.

If you’re interested in listening to Nacarbide then you can definitely visit their Bandcamp site or find them on Spotify.


Hi Hassy, how are you doing today? Are you ready to kick off the interview?

I’m good thank you!

The band comes from Thailand and was formed back in 2016. Who formed the band and was it easy to find members?

Our background is a bit special and to be honest, I never imagined forming a band in Bangkok. As a result of all kinds of good luck, we were able to form a band and now in a position to release our work.

According to the info-sheet the band is influenced by NWOBHM, and L.A./German/Japanese ’80’s style heavy metal. How would you like to describe your music?

I would say our music is heavily influenced by ’80’s – ’90’s hard rock and heavy metal. As for the lyrics, they are mainly about subjects that people face / various difficulties, but I think that the subject is often something like having the courage to move forward and not be depressed. And we have some other songs that can be regarded as anti-war songs. Not too many love songs.

What did critics think of your 2017 debut album LOTS OF EYES?

There were still many issues regarding skills, mixing, mastering, etc., but as for what is classified as so-called NWOTHM, I think that the songs we composed were generally evaluated well.

You decided to release your music on your own through Bandcamp. Is Nacarbide a DIY kind of band?

Basically, that’s right. I’d consider contracting with a label if they could offer us good conditions, but we are not particular about it now that even Nuclear blast has a Bandcamp account. I think it’s very fair because the songs can be used freely and the rewards played are distributed.

Have you done any touring or shows so far and if so where have you toured or played?

We can join only weekend events but in addition to Bangkok, we’ve performed twice in Penang, Malaysia, and in Johor Bahru. Although it is in Thailand, we will play an album release event in Pattaya this month and also join a charity festival in Chiang Mai in December.

Last year the EP RESOLUTION came out, what did fans and media think of it?

To tell the truth, we were planning to release our 2nd album at that time, but various work schedules were delayed, so we had no choice but to release an EP. It was generally well-received by everyone who was waiting for the new work. I think this is because we were able to greatly improve on the weaknesses of the 1st album.

Is the band big in Thailand or where in the world does the band have the biggest fanbase?

We are soooooo small in Thailand, I think. For the physical release of the 2nd album, the most orders came from Germany and then Greece. However, in the analysis of streaming services, North America and Latin America are the most played in that order.

New album IRON LOTUS

When did you start writing material for IRON LOTUS?

It’s not a fast pace, but after writing the songs for the first album, we continued to compose them.

Who in the band writes the music and lyrics and what are the lyric about on the album?

Most of the songs were composed by Masa (guitarist); I composed 1 song. Lyrically, 4 were written by Hitomi (singer) and I wrote 5. There was no particular concept for lyrics however, most of them are based on the current affairs of the time such as terrorism, conflict, or a TV drama.

Do you think the band has developed musically, if you compare IRON LOTUS with your debut album? If so in what way?

In the sense of an album, to be honest, I think it has evolved so much that I think it wasn’t really created by the same band. I don’t think there will be a big change in music though; there’s no variety like Queen, and I think it is more like an AC/DC attitude.

“IRON LOTUS” trailer


Were all of the songs newly written for the album or did you use any older material? From what I can see half of the album is made up of your EP RESOLUTION?

As mentioned above, the EP was released because the album wasn’t ready in time. All songs are created for the album. However, I thought it would be boring for listeners to have five songs that were exactly the same, so we re-recorded some of the songs recorded on the EP when making the album. Regarding mixing and mastering, all the songs recorded on the EP were rework and recorded on the album.

Why did you feature a song that was sung on your native language?

Because the English lyrics weren’t ready in time.

Were there any songs you wrote that didn’t made it on to the final edition of the album?


Who did the cover art-work to the album and why did you choose the name IRON LOTUS?

Ms. Natsuko Segawa, she is an manga creator in Japan. The lotus is probably most important flower in Buddhism so we would like to show it all over the world with metal spirits, essence as an Asian taste.

Also this album is released by the band on their own, how come you don’t want to involve a record label in the process?

It’s a hassle and I couldn’t find a contract that seemed fair.

IRON LOTUS can be bought on your Bandcamp site, are there many that has bought the album yet?

I don’t think Bandcamp sells a lot of physical products. Rather, downloads are as good or better than major distributors.

UNDISCLOSED official lyric video


Have you read any reviews of IRON LOTUS yet? Does the band care about what media and critics have to say about your work?

Yes, we have and I think most of them are positive, but I don’t care if they have negative opinions. If I wanted everyone to like it, I’d quit playing metal. Some of the criticisms are very helpful and some of them are positive but they don’t listen properly.

You’re co-operating together with Black Roos Entertainment when it comes to PR, are you satisfied with the work they have put into the band and the album so far?

Yes, in the sense of the breadth of the region. No in the sense of total number.

Now and then

The band is active on social forums with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc, is it important for you to stay in contact with fans and letting them know what you’re up to?

Yes. We are a band that doesn’t have a place to call it local and doesn’t have enough budget so I think it’s very important to send messages via SNS.

The band’s got about 3,000 likes on Facebook, do you think your popularity is going to increase with the release of IRON LOTUS?

No. I don’t think it has much to do with it. This is because the number of followers has not increased suddenly since the release date. Before that it hasn’t changed much and is increasing little by little.

What’s the most common question you get from fans online?

“What is your nationality?”

How’s the metal/hard rock scene doing in Thailand? Is harder music appreciated and popular in your home-country?

I think the metal scene in Thailand it’s very small and poor but the scenes in Indonesian and Philippines are bigger.

Are there many metal acts that comes from Thailand and are there clubs and stages for the bands to perform on?

Not many but some bands has really wonderful quality. There’s about 3 3 hotspots/venues in Bangkok.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected Nacarbide?

We planned shows in Tokyo and Osaka but all schedules were postponed.

What’s the status regarding the pandemic in Thailand at the moment?

I think it’s safe to say that it has almost converged. In the official announcement, there are few new infections and anti-government demonstrations are also popular.

Now when it isn’t possible to tour and so on does the band have thoughts on live stream a performance for the fans to see online?

Yes. But we must study about methods and equipment and how we’re going to do it first.

Are you currently working on material for a new album?

Yes, we’ve got some new ideas for next album.

What would you like to say to anyone who hasn’t heard the music of Nacarbide yet?

Just feel first if you like it, share it us on SNS. We’re gonna spread your feeling with you.

Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy IRON LOTUS?

1. We have a female who can SING METAL.

2. Guitar player has 13 fingers on his hands.

3. Unlike the ’80’s albums, all the songs are good and the sound is better

Well thanks for taking the time making the interview, stay healthy and safe and best of luck in the future, do you have final words you want to share with the fans and readers before we’re signing off?

Thanks for this opportunity. We hope to visit all of your towns to share fun together but now is hard time to spend the time with you.

So we can report our activities on SNS, follow us if you can.

Stay safe, Stay METAL \m/
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