Tragedian – Seven Dimensions

Tragedian - Seven DimensionsReviewed: December, 2020
Released: 2021, Pride & Joy Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

If we were to make a list of the most underrated power metal bands of the last two decades, Tragedian would undoubtedly make it to the podium. We are talking about a very consistent group with a perfectly polished sound that makes it the natural heir to the great names of the genre; unfortunately three incredibly well-made albums have not been enough to reach the great stages of the world scene. After four years of absence, the group led by Gabriel Palermo has acquired a new line-up and is preparing for the end of January one of the best releases that can be expected for the beginning of 2021: SEVEN DIMENSIONS.

Among the main novelties presented by this production is the inclusion of the Venezuelan, Joan Pabón, one of those great hidden talents on the Latin American scene; In 2012 (eight long years ago!) he released a demo with the band Aphelium, they have not been heard from since. Fortunately, Tragedian rescued this incredible vocalist from complete oblivion by making SEVEN DIMENSIONS the work that enshrines him as a singer.

SEVEN DIMENSIONS is a power metal work that brings together the most wonderful benefits of the genre and makes the most of them perfectly. It is an album produced by the same guitarist, so the gap between the imagined sound and the achieved sound is almost non-existent, allowing the pieces to shine with the forcefulness originally conceived. Melodies abound both in the intros and in the verses and especially in the choruses, all carried by a speed essentially nourished by the drums, executed by the only member who has accompanied Palermo in the last five years, Nicolò Bernini, whose double pedal manages to stay along with the riffs.

The debutants are: Dawid Wieczorek on bass and Denis Scheither on keyboard; their interpretations contribute favorably to the sound of the band. Scheither has more of a harmonic function, by offering the base of chords and certain atmospheres; while Wieczorek was treated with respect by allowing his instrument to sound with great clarity in the mix which makes Gabriel Palermo not only an elite musician but also a producer of great depth when it comes to power metal.


Tragedian Lineup:

Gabriel Palermo – Guitars

Nicolò Bernini – Drums

Dawid Wieczorek – Bass

Denis Scheither – Keyboards, Piano

Joan Pabón – Vocals



  1. Rising Rage
  2. Aloneless
  3. Out Of The Dark
    1st guitar solo featuring Dan Palmer (Zebrahead, Death by stereo)
    Backing vocals Featuring Jules Down (Sleeping Child) & Samantha Sylvia
  1. Darkest Of My Days
  2. Bringer Of Dreams

Vocals featuring Wade Black (ex Crimson Glory, Leather Wolf)

  1. Crying In The Rain
    Backing vocals Featuring Jules Down (Sleeping Child)
  1. Enlightened
  2. Forevermore
  3. Destiny
  4. Para Siempre (Forever)
  5. The Journey
  6. Forces Of The Light
    featuring Zak Stevens (Savatage,Trans Siberian Orchestra, Circle II Circle)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Crying In The Rain – Duet version
    Backing vocals Featuring Jules Down (Sleeping Child)
  1. Forces Of The Light – Full orchestra version
    featuring Zak Stevens (Savatage,Trans Siberian Orchestra, Circle II Circle)




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