Time Rift – Eternal Rock

Reviewed: December 2020
Released: 2020, Dying Victims
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jack Merry

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, TIME RIFT stay true to their name, break the space-time continuum, and manage to deliver a debut album in 2020 that would be right at home in the annals of hard rock history; sometime around 1973-1974, to be precise.

Entitled Eternal Rock, the debut album from TIME RIFT plays out like a love letter to the genre; a passing of the torch, if you will. There are elements of bands such as BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, and RAINBOW etched into all eight tracks on this record, and it’s a joyful blast listening from beginning to end. If my parents had given me a copy of Eternal Rock on vinyl and told me it was recorded in the early seventies, I wouldn’t have questioned it. The band’s influences are worn firmly on their sleeves, and TIME RIFT manage to pull it off.

The frantic riffing that kicks the opening title track into gear grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go; with a fast-and-loose attitude and excellent clean vocals that immediately set the tone for the rest of the entire record. If you don’t enjoy “Eternal Rock,” it’s unlikely you’ll like the other tracks on offer here. “Fight For Your Love” keeps the pace going with a RAMONES-inspired punk guitar riff from axe-slinger Justin Kaye, and “Hooks in You” has an addictive chorus melody that absolutely lives up to its namesake.

“Magic Bullet” and “Better Than Life” keep up the hard rock pace with hammerhead riffs and wailing vocals from frontman Levi Campbell, while the album highlight has to be the exquisite “Starcrossed,” with its proto-doom stylings and elongated musical passages. Kaye’s lead work towards the final moments is explosive and the rhythm section fights hard to keep him tied down.

Front to back, Eternal Rock is an incredible debut that showcases the band’s passion, dedication, and songwriting prowess. Any fan of rock n’ roll and metal will find something here to love, and TIME RIFT have a bright future ahead of them if they can keep up the passion and momentum they clearly have with this record. It’ll put a smile on your face, and we need as much as we can get of that this year. Dig out your best leather and denim, crack open a few beers, put this record on, turn it all the way up to eleven, and be reminded that rock is, indeed, eternal.



01. Eternal Rock
02. Fight For Your Love
03. Hooks in You
04. Magic Bullet
05. Better Than Life
06. Starcrossed
07. Fire in Her Eyes
08. Another Name


Levi Campbell – Vocals, bass guitar
Justin Kaye – Lead & rhythm guitar
Terrica Jennings – Drums



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