Succsexx-Sexx Machine

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Reviewed: December,2020
Released: 2020, FNA Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Man, is this ever a nostalgic gem for me!  I was very excited when I learned that the good people at FNA Records were going to release SEXX MACHINE.   I had the pleasure of seeing this band in Toronto back in the late 80’s a number of times at locally legendary venues like Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven.   The band did have an indie debut EP available, but for whatever reason I never did buy it at the time and I always regretted not doing so. Now, all these years later it is available.

The thing I always like about FNA is their attention to quality. The band always does a nice job with presentation, packaging the little extras like the liner notes, photos and bonus tracks.  They take these long lost gems and clean them up when they came.  Accordingly, the debut EP by Succsexx arrives for our listening pleasure in an expanded form with 13 or so unreleased tracks, making this a really good value.   The sound quality is decent, falling in that sweet-spot between demo level and over-produced and sanitized.

In terms of the tunes, the band was as good as any of the bands prowling the various regional scenes at the time.   The band was sleazy, with a bit of boogie, and bit of groove of a bit of slide, and a whole lot of attitude and fun.  Highlights tracks for me are ‘Asleep In The Garbage Can’, the slightly funky ‘Bow Wow’  and ‘Nikita’.  Vocalist Saxx Creed has just the right amount of rock n’ roll sneer in his voice and the rest of the band were very competent. Any on given day some or all of these songs could have been the soundtrack to your youth.

There was a small undercurrent of Canadian melodic Hard rock talent in the late 80’s that just never quite made it; Smash L.A., Slash Puppet, Cherry Smash and  a handful of others and Succsexx was right there among them. Now with SEXX MACHINE the band has that little bit of extra recognition they always deserved.

If you like this kind of sound check out the very deep catalogue over at the FNA website where they have been deep mining this stuff and bringing it to the surface for years now.

Track Listing:

1.  Sexx Machine
2.  Message to Sanctuary
3.  Headbands And Heroin
4.  Asleep In The Garbage Can
5.  Doesn’t Matter
6.  Bow Wow
7.  Jokes On You
8.  Bad Bad Guy
9.  Nikita
10.  Genocide
11.  Wear Me Out
12.  All Dressed Up
13.  Girls
14.   Someone New
15.   Joe Cool Is Dead
16.   Trojan War
17.   Trojan War 2

Line up:

Sax Creed -Vocals

Gypsy LaRose -Guitar

Michael McV -Guitar

Justin Zane Bass

Johnny Rude-Drums



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