Speedkiller – Midnight Vampire

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Speedkiller – Midnight Vampire

Reviewed: December 2020
Released: 2020, Helldprod Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Rossy Maguire

SPEEDKILLER’s first and highly anticipated EP “Midnight Vampire”; hailing from the Minas Gerais axis the band itself has two years of existence and until almost now they only released two singles on YouTube. Pretty rad, right? But this was enough to create a rush of interest and a need for more haste around SPEEDKILLER. We guess everybody knew they were about to burst into something really awesome. And so they did!

Spellcaster (vocals and guitar), Summoned (guitar), Evilspirit (bass) gathered with Hellkrätus (drums) from the Portuguese thrashers Vectis and forged a delightful piece of obscure metal art. “Midnight Vampire” has it all from death to speed and thrash to black metal, it works perfectly like an atlas of all dark genres in music. During these 7 hymns, the gates of hell will surely open and all evil outcasts will feast in trance. Also, a major plus concerning sound production and art cover both professionally handled by the highly reputed musicians, Remi Nygård from Inculter and Jean Nightbreäker from Murdeath.

The album opens with various atmospheric sounds such as crows cawing, horses galloping, and an organ playing. This creates a sort of medieval/gothic tone and prepares the listener for the theme of the album to come.

From this immersive introduction, the listener is immediately thrown into a heavy guitar intro in Nightspell. Personally, I found this to be a powerful transition from the intro song to being thrown into the foray of thrashy sounds. Preceding the guitar were extremely fast but tight drum patterns with the addition of growling black-metal vocals. The culmination of these instruments carried the same throughout the song without any distinct changes.

I found that this was the same with other songs such as Suicide Hell and Valley Of Death. However, this doesn’t apply to all of them, as Shadow People took a slower approach and seemed more similar to that of a sludge/doom metal nature.

One song that I particularly enjoyed and stood out to me was the title track, Midnight Vampire. The first half had a strong, fast and thrashy intro which was much the same as the other songs that came before, but then the second half was more reminiscent of Shadow People in taking a slower approach and being more sludge/doom. The variation between these two tempos was extremely enjoyable.

Finishing off the album is Circles Of Blood which starts slow, both guitar and drums, but only till 0:50 into the song. After this, the thrash continues and builds up to an incredible guitar solo from 3:35. Ending the album with this song was a great choice and encapsulates Speedkiller’s talent within this genre.

Midnight Vampire is available on Cassette and CD through Helldprod Records on December 11th. Vinyl/Digital through Edged Circle Productions.




1. Intro | 1:07
2. Nightspell | 4:00
3. Suicide Hell | 4:17
4. Shadow People | 4:22
5. Midnight Vampire | 4:11
6. Valley Of Death | 3:32
7. Circles Of Blood | 4:47

Band Line-up:

Spellcaster – Vocals & Guitars
Summoned – Guitars
Evilspirit – Bass
Hellkrätus – Drums


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