Perduratum – Exile’s Anthology

Perduratum Exile's Anthology
Perduratum – Exile’s Anthology

Perduratum – Exile’s Anthology
Reviewed: November, 2020
Released: 2020, Eyewitness Records
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Perduratum is a progressive band from Querétaro; was born only in 2019, the year in which the group released his amazing single: “A Misunderstanding”, a piece of enormous scope both in terms of composition, execution and production. At the beginning of October the group released their first EP: Exile’s Anthology (2020), with four songs that are actually two unreleased because one is an intro and the other is the previously mentioned single.

Many are the musical benefits that Perduratum offers us. First of all, we must highlight the production of its work. This type of release confirms that there is finally a decent level in Mexico to carry out musically ambitious works. Finally the scene is far from those years in which the groups had to deal with bad studios, bad equipment and producers who did not know how to record the songs, causing their work to be very badly reflected in the albums.

Diego Cholula is in charge of giving voice to Perduratum. His execution is superb and by far it gives the band a unique identity. This is where we can see the points in favor of this production, since he sings very calm verses, soaked in feeling, without shouting or exploding his voice, and it is thanks to the wise mix that we can fully appreciate his work, without the other instruments drown it.

It is perceived that the lyrics are written in a process apart from the composition, since the verses are not so organic to the music; However, this does not mean that the lyrics are shoehorn, on the contrary, this method gives the band, specifically the guitarists, huge spaces to offer cons and licks that enrich the melodic power of their pieces. “Abyss’ Anatomy” is proof of the above, where they even have the luxury of including an interlude pausing with a great bass line, just before the guitar solo begins. Special mention deserves that guitar and bass unison, with intricate measures and a mix that reaches perfection.

EXILE’S ANTHOLOGY is an excellent Mexican progressive album; it leaves Perduratum standing very well and makes us look forward to a future full-length album or perhaps another EP. Its compositional level is excellent; its lyrics are full of shocking allegories and the execution of each member is at the level of what the genre demands.



1 Anachrony
2 Assumption
3 Abyss’ Anatomy
4 A-Misunderstanding

perduratum bandLineup
Diego Cholula- Vocals
James Ponce- Guitars
Aruh- Drums
Ahijado – Bass
Edgar Butanda- Keyboards


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