New World Depression – Descent

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Reviewed [December 2020]
Released [2020 Fucking Kill Records]
Rating [3/5]
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Germany’s New World Depression offer a decidedly old school sounding groovy death metal on this their fourth full-length. Descent combines the determined chug of Bolt Thrower, the abrasiveness of vintage Swe-death and the vomitous nastiness of Cause Of Death-era Obituary into one bruising package.

It’s a familiar sound – or combination there of – to be sure. But one thing the band have going for them is that while their influences of rather obvious, they don’t, in most cases, resort to outright mimicry. Instead, they mix and match to come up with a sort of Franken-death metal monster that manages to have something of its own mutant personality.

A track like “Panzer,” for instance, takes a trademark hard-charging Bolt Thrower groove and mixes in a doomy chorus and sweeping, atmospheric guitar asides. “Nasha” sandwiches its determined, Obituary-like chug around furious riffing and speed metal sprints. “Descent to Hell,” “Devils Slavery” and “Pervitin” meld the d-beat driven, bone saw death metal of early Entombed with the more death ‘n roll hookiness of its Wolverine Blues period.

That death ‘n rolliness weaves itself in and out with regularity here, giving Descent a distinctive catchiness that plays counter to frontman Hütte’s phlegmy, John Tardy-like howl. The album is full of head-bobbing moments and sing-songy choruses that will surely go over well live – whenever COVID finally ebbs and concerts become a thing again – and makes for an entertaining and satisfying, even with the readily apparent sonic reference points.


New World Depression

Hütte – vocals
Ritchie – guitar
Julian – guitar
Sascha – bass
Sig – drums

Track List
1. Ceremony of Delusion
2. Scoff till Death
3. Working with Flesh
4. Panzer
5. Nasha
6. Descent to Hell
7. Pervitin
8. Ritual
9. Devils Slavery
10. Hate.Kill.Repeat