Moonspell-Lusitanian Metal (DVD Review)

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Review Date: December 2020
Released: 2008, Metal Mind/Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

As a rule of thumb we don’t go back and review too many old releases. One exception is DVD’s.  Our goal is review every Metal DVD.  It is more attainable than it sounds because DVD’s have become mostly obsolete, so there is a finite number.   As long time readers of this site may recall that I’m a Moonspell fan and I happened across this DVD in a used store, yet it was new sealed; a nice find to be sure.  The band recently announced a new album HERMITAGE so I feel this is as good a time as any to review this.

LUSITANIA METAL serves at Moonspell’s 10th or 15th anniversary, depends how you look at it.  The DVD covers the bands Century Media years, approximately 10 years (1993-2003) and was put out in conjunction with the Polish outfit, Metal Mind.    However this DVD actually came out in 2008 so it was the 15th anniversary of the band and it was their first DVD of two to date.

The DVD itself was one of those European soft-shelled packages which are inferior because they can get damaged easily, but they do look nice. Mine is a two-disc set with no booklet but I hear some versions come with a booklet.   The whole DVD is over six hours long, so unless you are really committed, you have to tackle it in smaller chunks. Overall, the DVD looks pretty decent in terms of packaging.

Disc One has an entire Moonspell show from Poland from back in 2004.  The label Metal Mind puts out dozens of these DVD’s where they film their festival and then release the DVD licensed via the main label.   I have tons of these in my collection so the look and style is very familiar. They are always well done and professionally shot.  The was shot on the Antidote tour on March 13th, 2004.  It is a well-done multi-camera shoot with great sound and lights.

Disc One also includes six videos and a making of video for ‘Almost Invaded’.  These are nice to have in one place, as you won’t see them often on TV. I have seen most of these videos over the years, on various Century Media collections but due to the nudity and violence of a few of the clips, they wouldn’t make it to North American TV.   The last feature on Disc One is a 16-minute interview, where the band, staged in a graveyard each gets a few moments on the bands career to date.  It almost serves as an introduction to the whole DVD.

Disc Two is a big binge and purge of live material from 13 different concerts ranging from 1992 to 2005.  It starts with pretty raw rehearsal footage and runs the whole range; from single-hand held camera stuff to much better quality.   This DVD makes you realize what a hard working band Moonspell is.  We get footage from Poland, Germany, Turkey and of course their home-nation of Portugal.  Most of these shows we get 3-4 clips, just to give us a taste.  It seems the band has quite a bit in the vault!
As cliché as this sounds this is pretty much mandatory viewing for Moonspell fans, I’m surprised it took me this long to track a copy down, but it was well worth the wait!

Track Listing:

DVD 1 tracks 1-13 are Part 1: Live at the City of Ravens (Katowice 2004).
DVD 1 tracks 14-20 are Part 2: Touch Me in the Eyes (Video Clips).
DVD 1 tracks 21, 22 are Part 3: Knowledge. (Interviews)

DVD 2 tracks 1-12 are Part 4: Small Hours – The Early Years (1992-1994).
DVD 2 tracks 12-15 are Part 5: Strange Are the Ways of the Wholehearted Tour.
DVD 2 tracks 16-27 are Part 6: Perverse Almost Religious Tour (1996-1997).
DVD 2 tracks 28-33 are Part 7: It’s a Sin Tour (1997-1999).
DVD 2 tracks 34-36 are Part 8: The Butterfly Effect Tour (2000-2001).
DVD 2 tracks 37-41 are Part 9: Darkness and Hope Tour (2001-2003).
DVD 2 tracks 42-53 are Part 10: Spreading the Eclipse Tour (2003-2005).