Lucious Bloodfire – World Insurrection

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Lucious Bloodfire - World InsurrectionReviewed: December, 2020
Released: 2020
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Lucious Bloodfire is a project commanded by Rob Bonstin, who was accompanied by some musicians to give life to his debut album: WORLD INSURRECTION (2020), an album of almost an hour long and 15 pieces that stand out for their effectiveness and very good sound. Bonstin made an effort to endow this work and the entire project with a story reminiscent of Troy Norr with Them, a narrative that involves mysticism and the occult. Fortunately, this came hand in hand with some great compositional work making the music speak for itself.

The album is packed with incredible melodies. Many pieces combine two melodic lines making the songs acquire a depth capable of capturing in the first listen, like: “This Connection”. The compositional work is very effective and at the same time curious, because it does not use forcefulness or speed as its main ingredient; everything revolves around the harmony that they achieve by joining various melodic elements thanks to the wise use of guitars and keyboard.

Despite that, the album doesn’t stop sounding heavy. His guitars have enough distortion to be able to say that this music is neither experimental nor far from what some heavy metal fan might hear, “So, Tonight Begins” is a good example where we can hear a clean introduction and then move on to a harmonized riff. Throughout the album we can even listen to guitar solos and some licks that highlight the musical direction of this album; all seasoned with a very unique touch.

The production is very good. The mix is ​​extremely accurate. Lucious Bloodfire’s voice is unique; he does not try to imitate anyone and uses his own resources favorably. He has achieved a very interesting album by extending the barriers of the genre and making it a job that, despite being impossible to pigeonhole with any subgenre, very few heavy metal fans will be able to reject it.


1. The Emergence
2. Last of My Kind
3. New God
4. So, Tonight Begins
5. This Connection
6. Slice of Hell
7. All Is Lost
8. The Revealing
9. Skin of Hate
10. Dust Cloud
11. Pathos
12. Eyes of the World
Lucious Bloodfire13. Heart of the Dragon
14. Falling Off the Edge of the World
15. Haunted

Line up:
Lucious Bloodfire – Vocals
Dev L Lacey – Keyboards
Jeff Lemas – Drums
Joe Selby – Bass
Rich Williamson – Guitars